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Burn Surgery


The burn service is a unique rotation that will challenge ones stamina, critical care skills, and mental fortitude.  However, it is also very educational, gratifying, and a distinct chance to be part of a truly multidisciplinary team.  Residents that rotate on the burn service consist of Emergency Room interns, and General Surgery second year residents.  This rotation is distinctive in that residents work directly with the attending on a daily basis, in both the ICU and operating room; providing an opportunity for mentorship and growth.  Residents are expected to be the “keepers” of the service, and inform the fellow/attending regularly on changes in patient condition. 


Interns and residents rotating on the service will also receive a copy of the “Burn Surgery Pocket Guide” on their first day; it is also available for download off this website.  The manual is an invaluable resource, and will answer 90% of your questions on how the service is run, and how to care for our burn patients.  PLEASE READ IT!!!


This website has been constructed to help instruct those who rotate on the burn surgery service.  Links include resources for education and manuals to assist in the day to day care of the burned patient.  Feel free look over the many powerpoints and interesting videos we have made available for you.  We recommend that you first click on the Getting Started link and then read the excellent ACS review articles and Burn Surgery Pocket Guide.  These will serve as your foundation of knowledge during your month with us.  Supplemental readings and other interesting review articles are also available from this website.  Enjoy!



Welcome to our team!