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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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The laboratory and offices are equipped with several PCs, printers, scanners attached to the UCD network.  These machines are capable of complex statistical and epidemiological analysis.  Additionally, reference manager program such as EndNote is available.  Software is also available for word-processing, financial and production of scientific graphics.



There are dedicated office spaces, approximately 100 sq ft per room, for PI, investigators, co-investigators, and grant administrator.   In addition, research residents share an approximately 300 sq ft office.  As well research associate and instructor.


Common and major equipments shared by the Department of Surgery include:

  • Two CO2 incubators: one Forma Stericult 200 and the other Fisher Isotemp plus for the growth and preparation of cells/experimental samples
  • Beckman J-21 high speed centrifuge
  • Beckman L-80 ultra-centrifuge for ultracentrifugation of organelles and viral particles
  • Two bench-top centrifuges: Fisher AccuSpin Micro 17 centrifuge and Eppendorf 5415D centrifuge
  • IEC Centra MP4R centrifuge, a table-top centrifuge
  • New Brunswick I24 shaker/incubator for bacterial culture
  • Nano drop Spectrophotometer for spectroscopic measurement of nucleic acids
  • BioRad MyCycler PCR machine for thermal gradient PCR
  • BioRad iQ5 real-time PCR machine with dedicated computer for real-time PCR
  • Zeiss Confocal microscope, computer, monitor, and camera, for confocal microscopy
  • Leica DMRXA microscope accessory: computer and monitor, mounted camera for light microscopy
  • A Fisher FB300 power supply and BioRad power supply for running electrophoresis apparatus
  • An AR15 -pH meter and probe for pH measurement
  • An AT261 mettler Toledo fine balance for measuring very minute quantities of reagent
  • Bio-Rad Chemidoc Hood with dedicated printer and computer.  This is a gel documentation system and gel drier.
  • Analytical balances
  • A UV stratalinker for UV crosslinking of protein and DNA
  • Laminar flow hood for tissue cell culture
  • Freezers (-20°C, -85°C, -140°C) for storing temperature sensitive samples, refrigerators and under the counter freezers (-20°C),
  • Diagenode Bioruptor for chromatin shearing and cHIP assays
  • Spectoline UV transilluminator for visualizing nucleic acids
  • Liquid scintillation counter
  • Four microscopes: a sonicator, and a dark room equipped with Kodak M35A-XOMAT processor.
  • FPLC systems with UV detector
  • Microfuges
  • Pharmacia fraction collector and pump
  • Vertical and horizontal electrophoresis equipment
  • Digital pH meter
  • Water baths and shakers
  • Weighing scales
  • Analytical balances, ovens and incubators
  • Tissue culture hoods and cell culture incubators


University of Colorado Cancer Center operates five common cores: proteomics/protein sequencing core, NMR core, flowcytometry core, biostatistics core, and micro-array/DNA analysis core. These facilities provide protein sequence analysis, peptide analysis, DNA sequencing and gene expression profiling, metabolomic analysis, NMR spectroscopy and cell sorting services. The University of Colorado Denver also has a tissue biorepository facility.