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Clinical Research in Podiatry

The strength of the Podiatry faculty is clinical care. Research in the section of Podiatry focuses on clinical research, clinical problems, and clinical case studies.

Ongoing clinical and operative room research projects:

  • Tendo-Achilles lengthening and its role in forefoot surgery
  • Review of soft-tissue tumors/masses in the foot
  • Plantar fasciitis review
  • Bleomycin treatments of plantar verruca
  • Jobs Syndrome presentation in the foot and ankle
  • Levaquin-induced Achilles-tendon rupture
  • Polypropylene mesh use in complete Achilles-tendon rupture
  • Gout vs. hallux rigidus
  • Efficacy of custom polypropylene-rigid orthotics
  • First TPJ cutout with polypropylene custom orthotics
  • Use of rocker-bottom correction with diabetic shoe