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Developmental Psychiatry Research Group

Department of Psychology





Contact Us:

Developmental Research Lab

Department of Psychiatry Mail Stop F456 Aurora, CO 80045

Phone:  (303) 724-6206  Fax:(303) 724-6207
Email: Developmental Research Lab 


Recent Publications/News Highlights



7News clip features the Choline During Pregnancy Study. Watch and comment.

Researcher Sharon Hunter, Ph.D. and colleagues tested the reliability of EEG testing in infants during sleep. Read and Learn

Psychiatry Resident Amanda Hutchison and colleagues assessed disordered thoughts in preschoolers with dysregulated mood. Read.

Researcher and professor, Randy Ross, MD, reviews if neuroimaging infants at risk for schizophrenia is possible. Read and review.

Sharon Hunter, Ph.D. researches visual attention in infants by tracking the movements of infants eyes. Read.