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Clinical and Special Developmental Populations

​We offer training in the following clinical and special developmental populations.  Click on the following links to see which faculty work with these populations.​

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Clinical and special developmental populations
Institution and Research Topic
Marie T. Banich, PhDADHD, Adolescents, Child
CU Boulder

Cognitive neuroscience and human neuropsychology
Tim Benke, MD, PhDDevelopmental Disorders, Autism
CU Denver

Cellular mechanisms by which early life seizures (ELS) subvert the processes of normal neuronal development
Elysia Poggi Davis, PhDAnxiety, Co-Morbid Medical Illnesses, Child, Depression, Infant, Pregnancy
University of Denver

Prenatal/early origins of health and development
Guido Frank, MDAdolescents, Aggression and Conduct Disorder, Eating Disorders
CU Denver

Brain imaging in eating disorders and in impulsive aggression in youth
Christian Hopfer, MDADHD, Adolescents, Aggression and Conduct Disorder, Depression, Substance Abuse
CU Denver

Clinical epidemiology and behavior genetics of conduct disorder
Mark Laudenslager, PhDAdolescents, Anxiety, Co-Morbid Medical Illnesses, Depression, Infant, Pregnancy
CU Denver

Psycho-neuroendocrinology / immunology of behavioral development
Amanda Law, PhDBipolar, Child, Schizophrenia
CU Denver

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of genetic susceptibility to severe psychiatric disorders
Ken Maclean, PhDDevelopmental Disorders
CU Denver

Animal models of Down syndrome and autism
Elaine Morrato, DrPH, MPH, CPHAdolescents, Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia
CU Denver

Accelerating the translation of pharmaceutical innovation (with an emphasis on drug safety and FDA warnings) into practice to improve population health. 
Douglas K. Novins, MDAdolescents, American Indians, Depression
CU Denver

Special problems of American Indian adolescents
Judy Reaven, PhDDevelopmental Disorders
CU Denver

Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-occurring psychiatric symptoms, especially treatment of anxiety
Donald Rojas, PhDAdolescents, Autism, Child, Infant, Schizophrenia
Colorado State University

Brain imaging in neurodevelopmental disorders
Joseph Sakai, MDAdolescents, Aggression and Conduct Disorder
CU Denver

Better understanding the biological basis of adolescent substance and conduct problems
Heather Taussig, PhDAdolescents, Child, Child Abuse, Foster Care
University of Denver

Randomized controlled efficacy trial of a preventive intervention for maltreated youth in out-of-home care
Jason Tregellas, PhDSchizophrenia
CU Denver

The development of neuropathology in schizophrenia, using fMR
Sarah Enos Watamura, PhDChild, Hispanic, Infant, Preschool
University of Denver

Children's physiologic regulation, their development within care giving contexts, and relations between physiologic regulation and physical and psychological health