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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship


Name Title/Position Interests Board Certification
Dr. Alison Heru


Program Director

Professor of Psychiatry

Development of family-centered treatment in psychiatry, teaching trainees how to work with families and the role of relational factors in medical and psychiatric illness. Psychiatry
Psychosomatic medicine
Dr. Philippe Weintraub


Associate Program Director

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

The relationship between family factors and adherence to medical treatment in adult and pediatric populations and the impact of co-morbid psychiatric illness, particularly depression, on clinical course and outcome in diabetes. The prevalence of depression in adult pulmonary hypertension as well as the impact of depression on the clinical course of the disorder. The assessment of decisional capacity in complex clinical circumstances and is part of a multi-site group studying clinical and ethical considerations in cases involving requests for withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment by young adults with recent-onset high quadriplegia. Psychiatry
Child psychiatry
Psychosomatic medicine

Dr. Erica K. Rapp 

Instructor of Psychiatry

Neuropsychiatry with a focus on Parkinson's Disease, treatment of patients with burns, Psychosomatic Medicine educaiton, medical student education, collaborative care in the general hospital.

Psychosomatic medicine

​Dr. Dan Nguyen

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry D​epression and anxiety in medical populations, suicide and self-harm behaviors, improving quality and safety in mental health, cannabis use in consultation-liaison settings, organ transplantation and psychiatry, and technological applications in psychiatry. ​Psychiatry
Psychosomatic medicine

​Dr. Robert House


​Professor of Psychiatry         Vice-chairman representing Denver Health for the Department of Psychiatry
Director of Service for Behavioral Health, Denver Health Medical Center

​Solid organ transplantation programs, trauma surgery services, and correctional care programs. Consultation-liaison education and consultation in a Public Hospital setting. ​Psychiatry
​Dr. Craig Holland ​Assistant Professor ​Psychiatry
Dr. ​Tom Dunn ​Clinical Instructor
​Dr. Elizabeth Lowdermilk
​Assistant Professor
Integrated Care Clinic, Denver Health Medical Center
​Integrated Care, women's health, EHRs, treatment algorithms for mental health diagnoses in primary care . ​Psychiatry
Dr. David Bekelman


Assistant Professor in the Department of General Internal Medicine

Innovative ways of using palliative care practices with patients suffering from various severe, chronic medical illnesses. Research on measuring and improving quality of life in patients with chronic heart failure Internal medicine
Palliative care Medicine
Psychosomatic medicine
Dr. Thomas Beresford


Professor of Psychiatry Clinical research in liver transplant and alcoholism. Identifying and addressing the prognostic factors that support continued abstinence post-transplant, the neuropsychiatric complications following transplant, including specific forms of delirium related to the immunosuppressant agents, and clinical issues in the evaluation of living donors, especially psychiatric contraindications. The prognostic aspects of psychological adaptive mechanisms in respect to cancer treatment and survival.

Addiction psychiatry
Psychosomatic medicine

​Dr. Abby Snavely

Dr. Abby Snavely


Assistant Clinical Professor,

Community Provider


​Consultation-liaison education for medical students and residents, medical ethics, women’s mental health. ​Psychiatry