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Susan Young, PhD

Assistant Professor

Contact Info:
EmailDr. Young

Clinical/Research Interests:
Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychiatry at UC School of Medicine, Division of Substance Dependence.​
Curriculum Vitae

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri  BA 1986

American University, Washington, DC  MA 1989

University of Colorado,  Colorado MA  1996   

University of Colorado,  Colorado PhD 1998

NIDA Post-doctoral Fellowhip (DA-11015), 1998 - 2001

NICHD Pre-doctoral Traineeship (HD-07289), 1995 - 1998

Data Manager - Center for Antisocial Substance Dependence (Components 2-4), Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado. 1997 - 2000

Data Manager - Adolescent Substance Abuse Study, Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado. 1994 - 1997

Teaching Assistant - Department of Psychology, University of Colorado. 1995

Professional Affiliations

  • Behavior Genetics Association, 1994 - 2012
  • International Society of Psychiatric Genetics, 2001 -2006
  • Association for Psychological Science, 2008 - 2010
  • Developmental Psychobiology Research Group, 2011 - 2016
  • Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, 2013 - 2016
Neural Substrates of Executive Function:  An fMRI Twin Study
NIMH R01 (063207; P.I. Hewitt), Total: $2,228,516, 02/01/15 – 01/31/19
Primary Aim: This competitive renewal of 10-year longitudinal study of executive cognitive function, we will conduct structural and functional neuroimaging on 300 pairs of twins whose behavioral and cognitive development has been studied since infancy.
Role: Co-Investigator; 5% Effort

Genetics and Progression of Early-onset Substance Dependence and HIV Risk  
NIDA R01 (035804; P.I.s Hopfer, Stallings, Wall), Total: $2,921,321, 04/15/15 – 01/31/19
Primary Aim: Continues a multi-site collaboration to conduct a prospective study to address critical issues in the genetic epidemiology of adolescent onset antisocial drug dependence. We will complete 10-year follow-up assessments and conduct pathway-based genome wide association analyses of persistent drug dependence.
Role:  Co- Investigator, 15% Effort 

Health Systems Change, Cessation Treatment, and Environment Change for Mental Health and Priority Populations 
Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment - Tobacco Prevention & Cessation (A35; P.I. Morris), Total: $750,000, 07/01/15 - 06/30/18 
Primary Aim: Support CDPHE grantees with tobacco cessation and system/policy change activities through interdisciplinary training and technical assistance that incorporate tobacco cessation best practices, clinical guidelines, and expert consultation.
Role: Evaluation Director; 20% Effort

Collective Impact for High Public Service Utilizers 
Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment - Health Disparities Grant Program (RFA #1237; P.I. Morris), Total: $750,000, 07/01/15 - 6/30/18 
Primary Aim: We will initiate a collective impact project to create a phased in continuity-of-care model to address the cancer screening and healthy living needs of persons who face multiple levels of health disparities. The individuals this project targets are homeless or at risk for homelessness and also struggle with a behavioral health condition in the 7-county metropolitan region surrounding Denver, with an emphasis on high utilizers of public services and at elevated risk for chronic medical conditions. 
Role: Evaluation Director; 20% Effort

Healthy You, Healthy Baby
Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment - Tobacco Prevention & Cessation (STEPP; P.I. Nguyen), Subcontract: $45,000, 07/01/15 - 6/30/18
Primary Aim: SCL Lutheran Medical Center (LMC) will implement a comprehensive tobacco education, prevention and cessation project in its Women and Family Center (WFC). The Healthy You, Healthy Baby (HYHB) project uses evidence-based practices to decrease tobacco use and sustain a tobacco-free environment for mothers and babies through assessing tobacco use status, using a motivational interviewing framework to provide cessation counseling, offering nicotine-replacement therapy and quit resources, and tailored follow-up. 
Role: Evaluation Director, 10% Effort

Systems Changes and Peer Support in a Community Mental Health Center
Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment - Tobacco Control Initiative (STEPP; P.I. Maier), Subcontract: $30,000, 07/01/15 - 6/30/18
Primary Aim: Assist the Jefferson Center for Mental Health expand and improve its existing tobacco cessation efforts. The project will create a sustainable and comprehensive program that will increase the identification and treatment of tobacco users with mental illnesses and behavioral health problems in Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek counties. 
Role: Evaluation Director; 15% Effort