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Isabelle Guillemet, MD

Associate Professor

Medical Director of Intensive Services  
Contact Info:

Building 500, Level 2
Email: Dr. Guillemet

Clinical/Research Interests:

Dr. Guillemet is interested in family therapy.​
Faculté de Médicine, Paris, France  CSCT (Equivalent to B.S. & M.D.)  1983-1991
  • Co-director of the Family Therapy Seminar with Dr Judy Reaven:  The class runs from October to May, 90 minutes a week. The class is mandatory for the child psychiatry residents and can be chosen as an elective by the psychology interns. On average, ten students attend.
  • Family Therapy Clinic:  Once a week the team offers a 90 minutes family oriented intervention. The child resident as a primary provider can refer a family and will lead the intervention with the team feedback
  • Family Therapy Elective:  I offer a half day elective in family therapy for the second year child psychiatry residents. This elective gives the opportunity to follow several families throughout the year with me in a co-therapy setting.
  • Family Therapy Manual for the Family Therapy Seminar with Dr Reaven.
I coordinate a multi-disciplinary team and provide training to child/psychiatry fellows and medical students. They are exposed to social workers, psychologists, and a wide range of clinicians to practice the essentials of multi-disciplinary teamwork. The case load averages 12 patients, referred from the Emergency Department to the inpatient unit or the day treatment program. The turnover is quick, as the average length of stay is a week. Fellows have the opportunity to follow some longer-term patients in the day treatment program, up to a 3 month length of stay. The treatment is three-fold, including medication management, individual, and family therapy. My role shifts between supervising team members primarily involved with the case, and being at times their sole provider. The team meets once a day for an hour, in which treatment is discussed for each child. A special focus is given to the psychodynamic aspect, wherein the multi-disciplinary approach is a great enrichment.


 “Family Therapy Clinic” facilitation, which involves our entire treatment team, accessible for families with their child in the program. Clinic is held once a week for 90 minutes. Prior to the initial session with the primary provider, the family situation is presented to the team, which then decides on a working hypothesis with goals for the session along with specific interventions. The resources of the treatment team are used in various settings: family sessions facilitated by the primary family therapist with the rest of the team behind the mirror providing feedback and guidance, use of the genogram, role-playing and family sculpting involving family members’ discretion, and involvement of Creative Arts Therapists as well.