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Drs. Anne Stratton and Wendy Pierce, Receive Awards for Exceptional Service

16 September 2016

Congrats to Dr. Anne Stratton and Dr. Wendy Pierce (Peds Rehab Colorado Springs), who received awards for exceptional service to patients and families at Children’s Hospital Colorado!





Congratulations 2016 ACRM Fellows Designation for Dr. Patricia Heyn!

8 August 2016

The Fellow of ACRM designation recognizes active members with an outstanding record of professional service to ACRM, who have also made contributions of national significance to the field of medical rehabilitation. Fellows accomplishments are recognized by the "FACRM" designation, a professional credential used after their name, in recognition of their achievements. This year ACRM will recognize four fellows and award presentations will be made during the 93rd ACRM Annual Conference at the Chicago Hilton Hotel, in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday evening, November 3rd, at the Henry B. Betts Awards Gala, where each fellow will be presented with the 2016 ACRM Fellowship Plaque.

Be sure to follow all the action at the 93rd ACRM Annual Conference via Twitter from @CUPhysMed.

CUConnections has 5 Questions for Iñigo San Millán, and He Nails Them

11 August 2016

CUConnections continues it's series 5 Questions, this time with CU PM&R Assistant Professor and Director of the Excercise Physiology Lab. And how could we resist this image from CUConnections, perhaps the first PM&R faculty being chased by bulls and not students!

Reveals from the article include his professional soccer experience with Real Madrid (where he played six years) and his time as a professional cyclist. Also, find out which sport(s) is the toughest to excel in.

Read the article at CUConnections.




Lisa Brenner, PhD, is the new APA Division 22 President

8 August 2016

Dr. Lisa Brenner, CU PM&R Director of Research and Director of Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Suicide Prevention, was named the American Psychological Association Division 22 President. From the APA Division 22 website "Rehabilitation Psychology is a specialty area within psychology that focuses on the study and application of psychological knowledge and skills on behalf of individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions in order to maximize health and welfare, independence and choice, functional abilities, and social role participation across the lifespan."


Two Publications from Dr. Patricia Heyn on Engaging the Aging Brain

31 July 2016

Dr. Patricia Heyn scored a brace with two articles in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation June and August 2016. The first article is titled "Brain Gaming: A User's Product Guide for the Clinician." This article looks at brain gaming or brain training as it is also known. While there is limited research on the efficacy of brain games the article serves as clinician's user guide to brain gaming technologies. The full text is available online.

The second article continues the theme of providing clinician/patient resources for the againg brain: "Physical Activity Recommendations for the Aging Brain: A Clinician-Patient Guide." The article in cludes an educational page that "is designed to guide the health care professional in providing physical activity recommendations for the older adult patient during the office visit." For the full article online please follow this link.

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Follow-Up to: CU researchers take aim at PTSD, burnout in the ICU

9 June 2016

Since the article first appeared in UCHealth in mid-May, Matthew Kaskavitch, Social Media Manager, reports, "The post wen’t “viral” to an extent reaching nearly 100,000 people and resulting in over 2,500 people sharing the article on Facebook. This also resulted in 1,000’s of page views on the story that UCHealth wrote about Dr. Mealer. It is the most shared piece of content the CU Anschutz Medical Campus Facebook page has ever had by far."

This also caught the attention of Denver's CBS affiliate Channel 4. They aired a story titled "CU Researchers Helping ICU Nurses Manage Burnout & PTSD" last night.

See the story and video.

Scott Laker Edits Special Issue Concussion in Sports Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America

8 June 2016

Shout out to CU PM&R's Scott Laker who was editor of special issue on sports concussion that appeared recently in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America.

See and read more.


Dr William Niehaus Featured in Unique UCH Story

8 June 2016

If you have ever seen the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly then you can get a sense of CU PM&R Instructor Dr. William Niehaus' role in this UCHealth Today story by Tyler Smith. This story is on a patient who was "locked in" after suffering a stroke similar to the character in the movie. Dr. Niehaus explained to the patients family, as quoted in the article "There were assistive technologies and equipment to help him communicate, move, and perform daily activities, even if he never was able to do more than move his eyes."

The parallels to the movie are strong. The story goes on to report “To help (the patient) express his thoughts, Niehaus and speech therapists brought in a clear plastic sheet with letters and simple words. (The patient) fixed his eyes on a letter, while a partner holding the sheet moved their eyes until they locked with (his). In this way, he slowly and silently formed words and sentences.”

Read the full UCHealth article "Spirit, attitude help stroke patient battle back from the brink at UCH".

CU PM&R’s Patricia Heyn Elected Fellow of Gerontological Society of America

23 May 2016

Patricia Heyn, PhD, associate professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has been elected a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA). GSA is the world’s oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education and practice in the field of aging. Heyn was recognized through the society’s Behavioral and Social Sciences Section for her outstanding and continuing work in the field of gerontology.

From the GSA web page, "The status of fellow — the highest class of membership within the Society — is an acknowledgment of outstanding and continuing work in gerontology. This recognition can come at varying points in an individual’s career and can acknowledge a broad scope of activity. This includes research, teaching, administration, public service, practice, and notable participation within the organization. Fellows are chosen from each of GSA’s four membership sections. The new fellows will be formally recognized during GSA’s 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting, which will be held from November 16 to 20 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jim Carollo: A Story of Cerebral Palsy and Dancing

18 May 2016

An online article entitled "Cerebral palsy doesn't stop her from dancing" by Steven Barcus highlights work by CU PM&R faculty James Carollo, Patricia Heyn, and Amy Bodkin. The article follows the dance career of Sarah Cauley.

Barcus writes, "Jim Carollo, director of the Center for Gait and Movement Analysis (CGMA) at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and associate professor in the Departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), Orthopedics, and Bioengineering, also thinks much can be learned from Sarah’s active lifestyle. That is why he invited her to participate in the Cerebral Palsy Adult Transition (CPAT) study."

Read the full story

CU researchers take aim at PTSD, burnout in the ICU

13 May 2016

Dr. Meredith Mealer and colleagues found ICU nurses have PTSD rates similar to those of veterans of the war in Iraq. In an article from UCHealth Today, Dr. Mealer discusses how she came to conduct reseach related to ICU nurses with Marc Moss, MD, the School of Medicine’s vice chair for Clinical Research and a professor of pulmonary sciences and critical care medicine.

The complete article is available here.



CU PM&R Announces the Dennis J. Matthews, M.D. Excellence in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Fund

27 April 2016

This fund, established in the 19th year of Dr. Matthews’ leadership in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, will provide support of PM&R Scholarship through visiting professor lectures, workshops, and national presentations. This year also inaugurates the Dennis J. Matthews, M.D. Lectureship featuring Visiting Professor Michael Boninger, M.D., Professor and Endowed Chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Director, UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.

Dennis J. Matthews, M.D., a living legend of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, attended medical school at the University of Colorado and went on to train in Pediatrics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Minnesota with Dr. Frederic Kottke, one of the founding fathers of the field. In 1997, Dr. Matthews was recruited back to Denver by Dr. Jerome Gersten to be the 4th Chair of the Department.

Dr. Matthews’ work with pediatric muscle disease, cerebral palsy, and rehabilitation is internationally known and has identified him as a pioneer in his field. Dr. Matthews’ remarkable work with pediatric rehabilitation and practice development has laid the foundation for pediatric subspecialties and the advancement of major medical associations in the field of rehabilitation.

Dr. Matthews is Department Chair and Professor of the University of Colorado School of Medicine Department of Physical Medicine as well as PPAARDI-in-Chief and Fischahs Chair Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Children’s Hospital Colorado.

For information on how to donate to the Dennis J. Matthews Fund, please go to:

You may also contact the CU Foundation Office at 303-813-7935.

Video: Aspen Ideas Festival | CU Anschutz Medical Campus

13 July 2015

Here at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, ideas flow freely between curious minds, skilled practitioners, collaborative data geeks and groundbreaking researchers. The result? Future-changing advances in personalized medicine, chronic disease and patient-centered care. Welcome to the New West. Here, the good guys wear the masks. Watch the video on YouTube.



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The Spine Center at the University of Colorado Hospital specializes in treating people with lower back and neck pain using proven therapies and cutting-edge technology.

Patient's services include physical therapy, medication, spinal injections or surgery, or any combination of these treatments. A collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach among orthopaedic surgeons, physiatrists, physical/occupational therapists, psychologists, integrative medicine, and anesthesiologists fits within the model first espoused by Dr. Gersten.

As the sole academic medical center in the region, the Spine Center is the only provider in the Front Range to take such a comprehensive approach to spine and neck care. In fact, because of our high levels of experience, we are regularly asked to evaluate cases as a second opinion.

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At CU Sports Medicine, patients can have​ diagnostic tests and a physician's evaluation on the same day in the same location. Our multidisciplinary team has two goals: a timely and accurate diagnosis, and the fastest recovery possible.

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History of the CU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department (PM&R)

Founded in 1946, The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is one of the oldest departments of PM&R in the United States. The first chairman was Dr. Harold Dinken, who was also the first physiatrist in Colorado. He quickly expanded the department and accepted Dr. George Twombly as the first resident in PM&R in 1947. That same year, Dr. Carl Hoffman was recruited as the first Director of PM&R at the Denver VA Hospital. Dr Dinken went on to establish the Rehabilitation program at General Rose Hospital.

Having joined the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1949, Dr. Jerome W. Gersten became Chairman in 1957. Under Dr. Gersten's leadership, the Department expanded tremendously in clinical service, education and research. Dr. Gersten was one of the first, true "academic physiatrists".

He conducted basic science research on the use and effects of physical agents; muscle and nerve function; effects of stress on muscle function; cardiopulmonary rehabilitation; electromyography; and the delivery of rehabilitation health services. The Department was a nationally recognized Research and Training Center in cardiac rehabilitation. Dr. Gersten was a visionary expanding the concept of the Rehabilitation Team.

Today, the CU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has three primary focuses: Education, Research and Clinical Care.