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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


   Office Phone:  303-315-1293
   Fax:  303-837-1208



Dr. Patricia C. Heyn has a PhD in Exercise Physiology/Gerontology followed by two post-doctoral fellowships in 1) neuro-rehabilitation supported by the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research (US Dept Education), and 2) clinical trial in geriatric medicine research supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIH) . She joined the faculty of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 2004 where she is currently an Assistant Professor. During her Rehabilitation Research Fellowship Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston mentored by Dr Kenneth Ottenbacher, she studied the effects of physical and cognitive-behavioral therapies on brain injury individuals as well as on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders . Her investigations include the associations between lifestyle behavior, sex hormone, diabetes, and interactive technology on cognitive function.  During her second fellowship supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIH), she studied the associations between mild cognitive impairment (MCI), ethnicity, age, education, physical activity levels, and metabolic syndrome as well designing clinical trials for hypogonadal older men and trials for older individuals with metabolic syndrome and MCI. She has important relevant research expertise in activity-induced brain function and lifestyle behavior medicine Throughout her career developments, Dr. Heyn also studied the effects of a multi-sensory therapy and virtual-reality intervention on cognitive and physiological function on TBI and stroke. 


Her current research interests include:
1) developing and evaluating interactive technologies for cognitive and physical rehabilitation, and
2) investigating the effects of behavioral interventions (with/out pharmacological/ complementary and alternative medicine ) on cognitive function, mood, behavior, and brain imaging. 

She is constantly designing behavioral treatments for disabling and cognitive disorders.  She has been involved in several international academic programs and scientific projects.  On December of 2006, her research was featured at the most popular Argentinean newspaper " La Nacion " after she delivered a keynote lecture at the 6th Neuropsychological Argentinean Congress ( or (  

The National Alzheimer's Association features Dr. Heyn research on the effects of exercise on dementia on its " Maintain Your Brain ™ - the Science Behind the Recommendations " website (  Her research is constantly cited in various media such as " View of Washington ”, (, “ ABC 7 News ,” and other local and scientific news reports (


Undergraduate:  University of Santo Andre, BS, Physical and Health Education

Graduate:           University of Central Florida, MA, Applied Exercise Physiology &Wellness
                            University of Central Florida, MS, Gerontology Certificate
                            University of Central Florida, PhD, Exercise Physiology/Gerontology

Fellowships:       University of Texas Medical Branch, Neurologic/Cognitive Rehabilitation
                            University of Colorado School of Medicine, Geriatric Clinical Research