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Rick Aldrich

The 1996 A.R. Martin Lecturer


Department of Physiology University of Colorado Medical School


Five graduate students and postdocs presented their work at a Minisymposium. The speakers, pictured with Dr. Aldrich, were (left to right):
Dr. Eric Bennett ("Sialic acid alters sodiumn-channel gating"); Gail Perez, ("Acetylcholine receptor phosphorylation and aggregation at the developing neuromuscular junction"); Dr. Aldrich; Judy Blain ("Creation of a dominant negative potassium channel subunit"); Adam Koszowski ("Sodium channel distribution in neurons"); Dr. Maria Luisa Ruiz ("Locking single nucelotide-gated channels into different liganded states")


Martin Lecture

Professor Richard W. Aldrich delivered the Second Annual A.R. Martin Lecture, which was entitled, "Conformational changes involved in ion channel gating".

Naturally, there were several lunches, receptions, and parties. The reveler in the center is A.R. Martin.