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Saif Al-Juboori

Electrical Engineering Graduate Student with Tim Lei, PhD,
jointly working in Achim Klug’s lab

Phone: (303) 724-5673
Room P18-7402G​


Research Interests

Saif studies the scattering patterns of light delivered to brain tissue via glass fibers. Whenever glass fibers are implanted into brain nuclei, it is critical to understand how far the light will spread in the tissue, and what the light intensity at various distances from the fiber tip is.

The intensity depends on various parameters such as:

Wavelength – light waves with longer wavelengths will penetrate the tissue further.

Type of tissue – some brain areas are optically dense than others, e.g. due to myelination.

Type of glass fiber – fibers come in different diameters and thus the distribution patterns from the fiber tip differ between these fiber types.

Saif is measuring the light scattering properties in various types of brain tissue, with various light colors, and various glass fibers and will attempt to integrate his data into a universal computer model than can help a user determine how to best illuminate the brain area of his/her interest for an experiment at hand.