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Pediatric Hospital Medicine - Research

Overview & Faculty Research Interests


Our pediatric hospitalists are engaged in important research in hospital systems, comparative effectiveness, medical education, surgical outcomes, clinical practice, and quality improvement.  We work closely with the Children’s Clinical Research Organization (CCRO),  Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI), and ACCORDS Child Program (ACCORDS) to develop research programs, implement research projects, and train and support our academic faculty.  Our hospitalists are engaged in all types of research, from translational to qualitative, and we have an active secondary dataset analytic program, focused on the Pediatric Health Information Systems (PHIS) database.

We collaborate extensively with colleagues in other specialties, including Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Medical Education.

Faculty Research Interests

Many of our faculty are involved in research and other academic projects.

Dr. Ann Boyer is interested in studying the intersection between health information technology and inpatient medical care for children; she spends half her time in medical informatics, working on our electronic medical record (EMR).

Dr. Mark Brittan’s research focuses on readmissions, and in particular, how the discharge process can be used to help decrease readmissions for complicated patients.  He has a Research Scholar’s Award to study readmissions, and has also been working with researchers nationally on the issue.

Dr. Jason French was site PI on a multi-center PRIS study to determine the time to positivity of blood cultures for infants admitted with fever.  

Dr. Lisa McLeod is studying the risk of surgical site infections in children undergoing complex spinal surgeries, and what we can do in the hospital to reduce risk.  She has a K99/R00 from AHRQ to use qualitative methods to determine what are “best practices” for hospitals.  

Dr. Suchitra Rao is studying the best way to increase influenza vaccination rates in the inpatient setting, and she was also site PI for the PRIS study Pediatric Intravenous vs. Oral Therapy (PIVVOT) study that examined the comparative effectiveness of IV vs. Oral therapy for serious bacterial infections.

Dr. Jennifer Reese’s research interests are pediatric early warning signs as a predictor of deteriorating patients and appropriate patient placement, reducing unplanned ICU transfers, and programs for resident and faculty support.

Dr. Barry Seltz’s research interests are in pediatric resident and medical student education.

Dr. Michelle Torok has a doctorate in Epidemiology.  Her research interests include SHS exposure, influenza and hospital-acquired infections.  She is also our resident methodologist, and support the faculty in many of their projects.  

Dr. Amy Tyler has been studying the discharge process, and has a grant to study a novel intervention to improve discharge communication and effectiveness.  She was also site PI on the PRIS Global Assessment of Pediatric Patient Safety (GAPPS) study.

Stacey Wall, CPNP, is studying the implementation of a smoking cessation program for new parents at our Lutheran Hospital Newborn Nursery site.

Dr. Karen Wilson’s primary research interests are in understanding the relationship between secondhand tobacco smoke exposure and severity of illness in children hospitalized for respiratory illness, and how to improve outcomes in hospitalized children.  Dr. Wilson is one of the principal investigators of the AAP/Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence, which is dedicated to eliminating children’s exposure to tobacco and secondhand smoke.  Dr. Wilson also serves on the Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings Executive Council.  She currently has an RO1 to field a randomized controlled trial of an inpatient parent smoking cessation intervention, and she also has funding to study cytokine expression and tobacco smoke exposure in children hospitalized with bronchiolitis. She is also site PI for the PRIS study Pediatric Respiratory Illness Inpatient Measurement System (PRIMES), which is developing a quality measurement tool for inpatient care for 5 common respiratory illnesses.