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Weekly Conferences

Pediatric GI/Liver Fellows Rounds
Specific patient cases are presented for all fellows and faculty. There is open discussion about differential diagnosis, evaluation, acute management, chronic management.

Pediatric Liver Topic Conferences
One hour interactive lectures given by liver faculty on a variety of liver and transplant specific topics.

Liver Team Meeting Including Candidate Selection
Every week we have a multidisciplinary conference (including the hepatologists, transplant surgeons, transplant pharmacists, transplant dieticians, social workers, and transplant nurse coordinators) for 1-2 hours to discuss all liver inpatients and outpatients. We review all potential transplant candidates and those children who are active on the transplant list. We discuss nutritional management of pre-transplant patients, option for live donation, exception scores, and other transplant-specific topics.


Monthly Conferences

Pediatric Liver Pathology Conferences
Our liver pathologist Dr. Capocelli reviews normal liver histology and liver disease processes. Transplant specific pathology includes acute cellular rejection, chronic rejection, ischemic injury, biliary injury, viral injury, PTLD, drug-toxicities.

Pediatric Liver Radiology Conferences
Our radiologists review liver cases that have presented to the inpatient/outpatient teams over the past month.

Pediatric Liver Research Conferences
Liver faculty presents one hour long lectures on their active research projects.  Our faculty has expertise in research on a variety of liver topics including biliary atresia, disorders of bile acid synthesis and transport, TPN induced liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cystic fibrosis induced liver disease, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, mitochondrial liver disease, immunizations and infections in the transplant population.

Pediatric Liver Journal Club
Fellows and faculty critically review seminal articles and recently published papers about liver disease and liver transplantation.

Pediatric GI/Surgery Combined Conference
One hour long topic conferences on liver diseases that require joint management by pediatric hepatology and pediatric surgery.  Topics in the past have included liver transplantation, liver tumors, surgical shunts for portal hypertension, liver transplant options (whole transplant vs. left lobe transplant vs. left lateral lobe transplant vs. living donation).

Pediatric Hepatobiliary Conference
Our liver radiologist Lorna Browne reviews liver, biliary, and transplant patients that have presented over the past month.


Educational Responsibilities of the Transplant Fellow

Each transplant fellow will present:

  1. A liver transplant topic conference
  2. A research presentation at the conclusion of their 1-year fellowship

The transplant fellow will be responsible for presenting all transplant candidates whose evaluation they participate in at our weekly team meeting/candidate selection meeting. Fellows will learn how to write letters for evaluation/transplant approval. They will also learn how to write PELD-appeal letters for transplant exception points

Current Fellow

Dania Molla Hosseini, MD
GI Fellowship: Children’s Hospital Colorado
Pediatric Residency: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine
Research Interests: Biliary atresia