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Welcome to Community Pediatrics

The mission of the Section of Community Pediatrics is to develop, implement, and evaluate new programs and new models of health care for improving the health of Colorado's children (particularly the underserved children); to assist community providers in providing a high-quality, cost-effective medical home for all children; and to educate and prepare pediatric trainees in providing comprehensive health care to the increasingly diverse and underserved children of Colorado.


  • To develop, implement, and evaluate new models of health care to enable:
    • all children to receive comprehensive health care within a quality pediatric medical home
    • all pediatric and family practices in Colorado to provide a high-quality, cost-effective pediatric medical home for all children, particularly low-income children (Medicaid, Child Health Plan Plus, and uninsured)
  • To develop, provide, and evaluate programs that support the needs of rural and small (one- and two-person) pediatric and family practices
  • To assist primary care providers and health care trainees in developing the knowledge base, skills, and attitudes needed to provide culturally sensitive and responsive health care for low-income families and racially and ethnically diverse families
  • To track and evaluate the health care status of low-income children in Colorado and provide insight and recommendations for public and private sector strategies
  • To carefully coordinate these efforts with those of public clinics in order to ensure all children are served and that public clinics are not adversely affected.

Please explore our website for more information about our clinical, research, and education activities, or learn more about our faculty members.