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Appel Lab

Dr. Bruce Appel’s long-term interests are to identify genes that are targets for therapies to treat developmental, degenerative, and cancerous diseases of the nervous system. He uses zebrafish as a model system to understand the mechanisms that produce and maintain neural precursors and that direct the formation of distinct neurons and glia.

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HudishLaura resized.jpg Laura Hudish, B.S., Graduate Student Assistant
Research Project: MicroRNA regulation of neural stem cells in development

KearnsChristina (17) - resized.jpg
Christina Kearns, M.S., Senior Professional Research Assistant
Research Project: Regulation of myelination by the tumor suppressor gene Fbxw7
MathewsEmily resized.jpg
Emily Mathews, B.A., Graduate Student Assistant
Research Project: The role of cholesterol in regulating migration and differentiation of myelinating oligodendrocytes
RavanelliAndrew resized.jpg
Andrew Ravanelli, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Project: Mechanisms that regulate neural stem cells in development and disease states


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