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 Pediatric Jacket and Vest Purchase Program

P jacket and vest.jpg


Hello everyone! 

I am happy to launch a jacket and vest purchasing program for anyone in our Department of Pediatrics community who is interested in buying clothing with program identity; however, please do not forward this link outside of your direct department without my approval.  Having this clothing as a great way to stay warm an maintain department identity in the workplace.   Please follow the instructions provided below to submit your order. 

*Please know, neither Children's Hospital Colorado or the Department of Pediatrics are not providing these jackets.  Unless, it is approved by your department you have to purchase one yoursef.

  1. Starting retail prices range from $59.00 to $99.00 for basic jackets and vests. (Price is reduced by 40% if you are participating in this particular program)

  2. There is a $12.00 charge for the embroidery 

    1. (You should plan to figure this cost into your order) 

  3. Attached is the to this email is Patagonia’s 2017 fall catalog

  4. There will be two deadlines for orders.  Any orders after this date will be carried over to the next wave.

    1. 1st wave – Friday, October 6th

    2. 2nd wave- Friday, November 3rd


Steps to Place You Order:  Follow the steps below to place your order. A request for payment will occur approximately one week after all orders are received. 


Step 1:  

Use the online form below to submit your order. You will be able to order up to 5 items at a time.  If your group wishes to order more than 5, then please just start a new order. 

Here is a SAMPLE of the logo design.  

 Jacket and vest logo design.jpg

When placing your order you will need to enter the 1st and 2nd line lettering that is situated below the logo design.  The Department of Pediatrics is the default for the 1st line text and there potentially will be a small charge for a different 1st line text.  The 2nd line text can be whatever you want; however, you cannot add your personal name.  Program name or sub-specialty is preferred. 


Step 2:

The second step is for you to submit payment. Approximately one week after all orders are submitted, I will send you an Invoices of your order with the total balance due.    


*If you do not submit your payment you will not receive a jacket or vest.


Thank you!!

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