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Pediatric Medical Education - Career Teaching Scholar Awards


The Department of Pediatrics gives the Career Teaching Scholar Award to gifted teachers, both full-time faculty and clinical faculty, who have made outstanding contributions to pediatric education. The award was instituted in 1996.

Elected 2016
Robin Deterding, MD
Emily Dobyns, MD
Stephen Fries, MD
Stephanie Stevens, MD

Elected 2015
Jerome Buckley, MD
Susan Pharo, MD
Adam Rosenberg, MD
Ronald Sokol, MD

Elected 2014
Brian Englund, PA-C
Debby Faes, CHA, PA-C
Ida Nakashima, MD
Jeff Wagener, MD

Elected 2013
Greg Arfsten, MD
Robert Brayden, MD
Allison Kempe, MD, MPH
Susan L. Merrill, MD

Elected 2012
Steven H. Abman, MD
Norman T. Scott, MD
David K. Manchester, MD
Sandra H. Stenmark, MD

Elected 2011
Vincent A. DiMaria, MD
David W. Kaplan, MD, MPH
Sharon Langendoerfer, MD
Jody L. Mathie, MD

Elected 2010
Karen Leamer, MD
Jody Maes, MD
John W. Ogle, MD
Michael S. Schaffer, MD

Elected 2009
Allan Bock, MD
Daniel Feiten, MD
Daniel M. Hall, MD
Richard D. Krugman, MD

Elected 2008
Stephen Berman, MD
Joseph A. Craig, MD

Elected 2007
Keren E. Call, MD
Michael S. Kappy, MD, PhD
Michael L. Kurtz, MD
Steven R. Poole, MD

Elected 2006
Frank J. Accurso, MD
Francesco G. Beuf, MD
Jay A. Markson, MD
Gerald B. Merenstein, MD*


Elected 2005
M. Douglas Jones, Jr., MD
Robert D. Mauro, MD
Judith M. Sondheimer, MD
Lee S. Thompson, MD

Elected 2004
Ronald C. Meyer, MD
William L. Weston, MD

Elected 2003
Mary S. Arthur, MS, PA-C
Max A. Elliott, MD
Mary P. Glodé, MD
James G. McGinnis, MD
Wallace C. White, MD

Elected 2002
Barton D. Schmitt, MD
Paul N. Tschetter, MD

Elected 2001
Jacinto A. Hernández, MD, MHA
J. Roger Hollister, MD
Stefan T. Mokrohisky, MD
James E. Strain, MD

Elected 2000
Paul G. Moe, MD
John P. Moyer, MD

Elected 1998
Gordon J. Blakeman, MD
Ernest K. Cotton, MD
John H. Githens, MD
Ronald W. Gotlin, MD
Lula O. Lubchenco, MD*
Donough O’Brien, MD*
Raymond J. Rademacher, MD*
James K. Todd, MD

Elected 1996
Jules Amer, MD
James H. Arthur, MD
Frederick C. Battaglia, MD
Bonnie W. Camp, MD, PhD
William E. Hathaway, MD
Taru Hays, MD
James E. Shira, MD
Arnold Silverman, MD

* Deceased