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Polotsky Lab

In the United States, nearly one in three women of childbearing age is obese. As maternal obesity impacts the health of offspring, better understanding of the mechanisms is needed. It remains unclear whether the underlying pathophysiology is related to abnormal hypothalamic-pituitary dynamics, abnormal ovarian environment, or both. Obesity is associated with decreased pituitary output of luteinizing hormone (LH) and FSH, inadequate folliculogenesis and reduced ovarian steroid and protein production. Our overriding objective is to define essential characteristics of FSH-ovarian interactions using a multidisciplinary approach. We build upon existing statistical approaches to modeling pulsatile hormones, and transgenic FSH mouse models showing that pulsatile FSH secretion dramatically enhances ovarian function.

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Pictured, from left to right:
Jessica Bauer, MD, Clinical Fellow
Katherine Kuhn, MS, Research Assistant / Clinical Coordinator
Alex Polotsky , MD, Principal Investigator
Amanda Allshouse, MS, Statistician
Anahit Malkhasyan, BS, Research Assistant / Clinical Coordinator
Andy Bradford, PhD, Collaborator
Nichole Carlson, PhD, Collaborator (not pictured)

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    1R01HD081162        NIH-NICHD
    Dysregulation of FSH in Obesity: Functional and Statistical Analysis
    The objective is to determine the causes for dysregulation of FSH and its feedback in obesity
    Role: PI

    5 U10HD038998-13    Colorado Reproductive Medicine Unit   
    The aim is to provide ongoing monitoring for patients conceiving from RMN clinical trials
    Role: PI

    5 R25HD075737    The Clinical Research/Reproductive Scientist Training Program (CREST)
    The aim is to provide a training program in reproductive medicine for practicing physicians
    Role: Co-investigator
    2015 Chair for Nutrition Special Interest Group for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine