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2017 OB/GYN Research Retreat

The OB/GYN Research Retreat at the Denver Botanic Gardens retreat attracted more than 100 registered attendees and featured three exceptional keynote speakers, all leaders in their respective fields. The retreat successfully showcased the diversity of our research with a particular focus on junior investigators and highlighting ongoing efforts to work across divisions. Forty-four abstracts were submitted by junior investigators, professional research assistants and administrators. Ten of these abstracts were selected for oral communications and the remaining abstract were presented as posters in a very well attended poster session. The following four investigators were selected for the Best Poster Presentation Award:

Sarah Farabi: Late Pregnancy is Characterized by Poor Sleep Quality in Obese Women which May affect Glucose Metabolism   
Damian Guerra: nNOS phosphorylatability presages NANC inhibition: investigation with a novel phosphorylation-deficient nNOS mutant mouse
Stefan Haugen: Burning Fat for Peaks in Colorado, Not Just for 14ers: Targeted Lipidomic Analysis Using GC-MS
Lindsay J Wheeler: High Grade Serous Carcinoma Growth in Suspension Associated with Transcriptional Repression.​

For the final program, please click here: Research Retreat Program.pdfResearch Retreat Program.pdf


Retreat picture 1 2017-10-03 22.36.58.jpgRetreat picture 2 2017-10-03 22.37.50.jpgRetreat picture 3 2017-10-03 22.39.45.jpg
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