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Fellows Chalk Talk

​The Fellows Research Forum "Chalk Talk" is an opportunity for clinical and basic science post-doctoral fellows and others to present their work in progress (plannned or ongoing projects).

Talks are held 5:30 - 6:30 pm the third Wednesday of the month in the Research Complex 2, Conference Room 3015, unless noted differently below.

For additional inf​ormation, request to get on the schedule or suggest a speaker, please contact:

Benjamin Bitler, PhD​, Assistant Professor, Division of Reproductive Sciences and Director, Fellows Chalk Talk.     

Nicole Solazzo, Coordinator, Fellows Chalk Talk, Office: 303-724-3506

*​​Date ​Presenter ​Title
Laura James-Allan

The Role of Small Extracellular Vesicles in the Maternal Metabolic Adaptations to Pregnancy
​9/25/2019 Annie Porter, MD

The Impact of Maternal Mindfulness Practice on Prenatal Stress
​10/23/2019 ​Chloe Nielsen, MD

Maternal Serum Mico RNA by Trimester and Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome


3rd Wed/month
​Marisol Castillo-Castrejon, PhD Impact of Preconception Lipid-base Nutrient Supplementation on Placental Function in Women Living in Low-Resource Countries
3rd Wed/month
Zhenghui Liu, PhD SLC7A11 is an LH/androgen Regulated Target in Mouse Sertoli Cells
​​1/22/2020 Cancelled
​2/26/2020 Marisa Moroney, MD TBD
​3/25/2020 TBD TBD
​4/22/2020 Amy Kelly, PhD  TBD

Thanh-Ha Luu, MD

John Rushing, MD


Odessa Hamidi, MD

Emily Willner, MD



​​Date ​Presenter ​Title
Anne Porter, MD

Evelyn Llerena Cari
Prenatal Depression and Anxiety Have an Impact on Maternal and Fetal Psychology and Physiology: The Impact of a Maternal Mindfulness Practice
The Rate of Primordial Follicle Growth Activation is Slowed in the AKBI Ovary
​10/17/2018 Cancelled - OB/GYN External Review
​11/21/2018 ​Cancelled - Thanksgiving

​12/19/2018 ​Aaron Lazorwitz, MD
Impact of Genetic Variants on Steroid Hormone Metabolism in Contraceptive Implant Users
​1/16/2019 ​Rachel Rodel, MD

Owen Vaughan, PhD​
​Fasting and Postprandial Breast Milk Composition in Mothers with Type 2 Diabetes as a Function of Glycemic Control
Trophoblast-specific SNAT2/Slc38a2 Gene Silencing Using Lentiviral Transduction of Blastocysts
​​2/20/2019 Brandon Sawyer, MD

Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase 1A: A Potential Targetable Metabolic Vulnerability of Ovarian Cancer Dissemination
​3/20/2019 Cancelled: SRI Paris
​4/17/2019 Jon Steller, MD​

The Effects of Chronic Low-Dose 'Cosmic' Radiation on Pregnancy Outcomes in Mice
​5/15/2019 Thanh-Ha Luu, MD

​Emily Willner, MD
FSH Pulsatility and Ovarian Hormone Secretion in Obese Women
Amniotic Fluid MicroRNA in Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
​6/19/2019 Cassandra Roeca, MD

​The Effects of IVF and Vitrification on Trophoblast Invasion and Placental Function

​​Date ​Presenter ​Title
​09/20/2017 ​​Elena Silva, PhD ​Impact of Adiponectin and Insulin on Placental Lipid Transport
​10/18/2017 ​Chrissy Rodriguez, MD ​Adverse Perinatal Outcomes Associated with Marijuana Use in Young Mothers
​11/15/2017 ​Levi Watson, PhD ​Epigenetic Mechanisms of PARP Inhibitor Resistance in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

​12/20/2017 ​Damian Guerra, PhD
Nitrergic signaling in the GI tract: Exploring the role of nNOS Serine-1412 phosphorylation in GI Motility Development
​1/17/2018 Shuhan Ji, PhD ​Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-1 Is a Key Regulator of Fetoplacental Endothelial Cell Angiogenesis

​​2/21/2018 ​Lindsay Wheeler, MD

Jessica Ehrig, MD
​Understanding the Genetic Drivers of Ovarian Cancer Dissemination

Insulin Requirements in Hispanic Women with Type 2 Diabetes During Pregnancy
​3/21/2018 ​Marisol Castillo-Castrejon, PhD

Rachel Rodel, MD
​Maternal Obesity and Gestational Diabetes Are Not Associated with Insulin Resistance in Cultured Primary Human Trophoblast Cells

Fasting and Postprandial Breast Milk Composition in Mothers with Type 2 Diabetes as a Function of Glycemic Control and the Effect on the Infant Microbiome
​4/18/2018 ​Jon Steller
Cassie Roeca
​Reproductive Outcomes In Space
The Impact of Vitrification on Trophoblast Invasion and Placental Function of IVF Embryos
​5/16/2018 ​Marisa Moroney

Sara Babcock
​Molecular Markers in Recurrent Stage I, Grade I Endometrioid Endometrial Cancers
The Connection Between FSH and Obesity
​6/20/2018 ​Natalie Hohos ​High-Fat Diet and Alterations in Ovarian Gene Expression and DNA Methylation
​​Date ​Presenter ​Title
September 21 ​Jessica Bauer, MD (REI)
Polotsky Lab
​"Dysregulation of FSH in Obesity"
October 19​ ​No Meeting
November 16 ​Amy Hermesh
"Postpartum Hemorrhage Prevention in Patients with Preeclampsia (PHP# Study)"
December 21 Trond Michelsen, PhD
​Jansson-Powell Lab
​"Determining In Vivo Human Placental Nutrient Transfer and Metabolism Using Four-Vessel Sampling and Blood Flow Measurements"​​
​January 18 ​Jessica Ehrig

Natalia Grindler
Jansson-Powell Lab
​"Insulin requirements in Hispanic Americans in pregnancy"

"Exposure to Phthalate, an Endocrine Disrupting Chemical, Alters the First Trimester Placental Methylome and Transcriptome in Women"
February 15 ​Owen Vaughan​ "Adiponectin Supplementation During Pregnancy Normalises Offspring Cardiac Hypertrophic Gene Expression in a Mouse Model of Maternal Obesity"
March 8*
​Amin Ramzan​ "AdipoRon Anti-Tumor Activity in Serous Epithelial Ovarian Cancer"
April 19 ​Laura James Allan

Christina Rodriguez
​"Preliminary data on placental nutrient transporters in early gestation and the imact of maternal obesity"
"Adverse Perinatal Outcomes Associated with Marijuana Use During Pregnancy"
May 24 ​Elena Silva

Laura Rodriguez-riesco
​"Impact of Adiponectin and Insulin on Placental Lipid Transport and Metabolism"
"YOGrT Study - Yogurt to obviate Group B Streptoccocus​"
​June 21 ​Sara Babcock
Rachel Rodel
  *March 8th is the 2nd Wednesday
Date​​​ ​​​Presenter ​Title​​
January 28​

​​​​Rebecca Jessel (MFM​)

Jansson-Po​​well​ Lab

Altered First Trimester Placental Folate Tran​​sport in Obese Mothers: A Novel Link to Neural Tube Defects?
February 25

​Priya Pantham (DRS)

Jansson-Powell Lab

Differential Effects of Mo​nounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Trophoblast Lipid Metabolism

March 18

​Natalia Grindler (REI)

Jansson-Powell Lab
​DEHP Leads to Epigenetic Reprogramming and Ovarian Dysfunction in Subsequent Generations
April 29

​Gosia Skaznik-Wikiel (REI)

McManaman Lab

Obesity-associated ovarian dysfunction: is it the phenotype or the high-fat diet to blaime?
May 27

​Georgina Cheng (GynOnc)

Behbakt/Wilson Lab

The Impact of Estrogen on the Response of Ovarian Tumor Cells to Cisplatin
June 27

​Anna Euser (MFM)

Moore Lab

Myometrial Artery Reactivity and the Effects of Al​​​titude
July 29

​Paula Diaz-Ro​driguez (DRS)

Ja​nsson-Powell Lab

The Impact of Maternal Obesity on Placental Lipid Transport and Metabolism and Fetal Liver Lipid Accumulation in a Mouse Model
August 19 ​Ritsuko Iwanaga (DRS)

​Connell Lab​

HOXA11 Regulates the Expression of Oxytocin Receptor in Uterosacral Ligaments
September 23 ​Stephanie Skuby (DRS)
Jansson-Powell Lab
Placental Transport of Fatty Acids in the Setting of Intrauterine Growth Restriction
October 21 ​Anna Euser (MFM)
Moore Lab
Myometrial Vasoreactivity and the Effects of Altitude
November ​18 ​Yi-Yung Chen, MD (DRS)
Jansson-Powell Lab
1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 stimulates SYstem A amino acid transport in primary human trophoblast cells​​​
December 16 ​Thomas Jansson, MD, PhD
Jansson-Powell Lab
How to Write a Scientific Paper - The Basics for the Beginner
January 20 ​Rebecca Jessel, MD (MFMU)
Jansson-Powell Lab
Altered first trimester placental folate transport in obese mothers: A novel link to neural tube defects?
February 17 ​Natalia Grindler, MD (MFMU)
Jansson-Powell Lab
The Effect of the Endocrine Disrupting Chemical DEHP on Placental and Ovarian Imprinted Genes and Ovarian Function in Subsequent Generation
March 9 ​Gosia Skaznik-Wikiel, MD
Skaznik-Wikiel Lab
High-fat diet causes subfertility and compromised ovarian function independent of obesity
April 20 ​Chris Breed, MD
Behbakht/Wilson Lab
The role of claudin-4 in ovarian cancer resistance to apoptosis
May 18 ​Melina Shoni, MD
Behbakht/Wilson Lab
Claudin-4, ovulation-induced wound healing and ovarian cancer