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Two families connected by a life-changing gift they gave to each other as strangers

​As Heather Gonsalves and her family waited to meet the couple they've been thinking a lot about recently, the anticipation they felt was different than usual.
They were excited - not worried, for once. She, her husband and her son, Bodhi, were waiting to meet with a couple who helped little Bodhi - and in return, Gonsalves helped them.
For most of his life, little Bohdi had been on dialysis. His mother wasn't a match to donate her kidney and had no idea that she matched with someone else.
Janette Tejada said she's had health problems since she was 12. She's been waiting for a kidney nearly as long as Bodhi's been alive.
The Tejadas got an unexpected call through the paired exchange program that connects UCHealth and Children's Hospital Colorado.