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Twice saved by trials

Tears started to roll down her cheeks when Elisa Leaf Sneider got the call, the one that said the cancer was back.
The new mother had been in remission prior to getting pregnant, but she wanted to become a mom and discontinued her hormonal treatment. Now she feared  she may lose her son — or rather, he may lose her.
“I was devastated,” Sneider said. “All I could think of was how selfish I was. I only thought about my desires to be a mom. But I don't think you can think like a mom until you are one.”
It was a phase III clinical trial that saved her the first time, and it would be an auspiciously timed clinical trial that would her get through the second time — despite the odds being heavily stacked against her.
She first found the lump in her breast prior to her wedding. She had a doctor look at the tissue, but no alarms were sounded.
Four months later, she started to feel pain in her underarm. She sought out a new doctor, who ordered an ultrasound and a biopsy. She was diagnosed with locally advanced stage III breast cancer in 2003.

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