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Opinion California will regret legalizing marijuana if its experience is anything like Colorado's

​To the editor:o the editor: The commercial interests driving the rapid legalization of marijuana in California call to mind the playbook of Big Tobacco. (“For marijuana users, it's high times as California makes recreational use legal,” Jan. 2)
Decades passed and millions of lives were harmed before the adverse impact of cigarettes was acknowledged. During that time, Big Tobacco stifled government investigation of tobacco’s potential harm while manipulating their product’s addictive properties and marketing to children.
Since the liberalization of marijuana laws in Colorado, more people use marijuana than ever before, and many have or will become addicted. Use of healthcare resources for marijuana-associated illnesses has also increased here.
Colorado is suffering additional consequences, including more car crash fatalities involving marijuana-using drivers and accidental ingestion and poisoning of children who inadvertently consume edibles packaged as candy and soda.