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Immunotherapy trial gives young colon cancer patient back his life


More than a stomachache

A trip to Jamaica means white sandy beaches, warm waters, and a perfect get away for most people. But for Stephen Estrada, a colon cancer patient at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, his trip to the island turned into a nightmare.

“I remember on the last day there I was supposed to go on an excursion with my family but I was in so much pain that all I could do was lay in bed at the hotel,” says Stephen. “The plane ride home was even worse. I had to pace the aisle to try and escape the pain.”

A Dallas transplant, Stephen and his partner Kenley, moved to Colorado eight years ago and have not looked back since.
“We wanted something new and Kenley had lived in Colorado before,” says Stephen. “It seemed like the perfect place for us.”
When Stephen started having unusual abdominal pain after eating in 2013 he did not think much of it.
“Stomach problems are so common these days that I was not too worried,” he explains. “I started changing parts of my diet and exercising more to try and stop the pain. At the time I thought I might have celiac disease or something.”
But that all changed after their vacation to Jamaica.
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