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CoZIE Relationship Leads to Improved Global Health

​Linda Kamuzangaza and Tafadzwa Chipfuva, physicians from Zimbabwe, made the most of their first-ever trip to the United States and the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.
Through a new program launched by the School of Medicine’s (SOM) Department of Medicine, they observed in clinics and went on rounds at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) and Denver Health, sat in on academic lectures and even squeezed in trips to Coors Field and Red Rocks.
“We have the same medical knowledge, but our practice might not be the same because we don’t have the resources you have here,” Kamuzangaza said. The MMeds (equivalent of medical residents) discovered that not everything they saw during two weeks in Colorado – including the computerized patient records system that allows physicians to see real-time, centralized data on each patient – is possible to perform in Zimbabwe. “We’re in a resource-limited place,” Kamuzangaza said. “Some of things we’ve seen here we won’t be able to do back home.”
‘We’d like to come back’
Both of the MMeds are interested in pursuing a specialization in endocrinology, and during their visit they worked closely with endocrinologists from CU (see list at end of story). Overall, Kamuzangaza said, “we learned a lot coming here, and we’d like to come back.”