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Some of our current third year residents!


 Post-Graduate Year 3 (PGY3)


 Elizabeth Breitbach

Undergrad and Medical School: I went to both undergrad and medical school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Go Hawks!

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? My favorite thing I remember from my interview day was how kind the residents were to me as well as to their fellow residents. I could tell the program fostered a congenial environment where residents, attendings, ancillary staff, and medical students were excited about working together and learning from each other which I consider to be so important. I also was excited about training in multiple settings so the fact that we work at a variety of hospitals was a big draw. Lastly, I wanted to move to a place where my husband and I could easily enjoy the outdoors (sometimes a challenge in Iowa!) and there is really no more perfect place than Colorado for that!

What are your plans post-residency? I have an interest in medical education so plan to work in a system with medical students and residents, likely as an academic hospitalist but still haven't ruled out specializing.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? Definitely having outdoor activities so accessible, its also nice having a winter with sunshine and not -30 degree wind chills.

What is your favorite Denver activity? Spending time relaxing with my family and friends whether it be in my backyard, park, or exploring the city

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? My free weekends revolve around brunch and although I tried to keep it a neighborhood secret I think the word is out that Shells & Sauce has the best.

If not a doctor, what would you be? I would love to own/run a doggie daycare


 Abir “Abby” Hussein

Undergrad and Medical School: University of South Florida/University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency?

1) I wanted to escape the humid Florida weather but still get to spend most of my time in the sun. 

2) Everyone here was super laid back and fun so it seemed like a great environment to learn and work in

3) The program itself seemed awesome! Because of the multiple different sites we work in, we get the opportunity to see a wide variety of patients with diverse pathologies which is essential when it comes to training.

What are your plans post-residency? I hope to do an ID fellowship and work in global health. I would primarily want to work in sub saharan Africa and maybe even relocate to Dubai in the future to provide easier access to this area.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? I love the weather here and the fact that there are actually seasons! And I guess the mountains are alright too... 

What is your favorite Denver activity? I'm not much of an outdoorsy person but I do enjoy some events like the Jazz shows at the park and evening movies at Red Rocks during the summer. Any time I have some extra cash I always try to catch a show at the Performing Arts Center.

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? I will say I'm impressed with the Ethiopian restaurants (literally any of them on Colfax) and the Sushi (Sushi Den is delish). There are some good fancy restaurants around here too but I'm too poor for that (my cat is SO high maintenance)

If not a doctor, what would you be? Ooooh so many options! If I wanted to exert energy being social, I'd probably be a celebrity stylist or personal assistant. If I wanted peace and quiet I'd be a librarian. 


 Jonathon Rice

Undergrad and Medical School: Undergrad at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Medical School at Medical College of Wisconsin

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? The main reason I choose Colorado was the amazing residents and the outstanding clinical training.  On my interview day everyone was personable, smart and fun which made me feel right at home. More importantly, Colorado provides diverse, rigorous clinical training which prepares its residents for any career path (primary care, hospitalist, fellowship).

What are your plans post-residency? GI Fellowship

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado?Definitely Snowboarding and Hiking.  There is nothing better than carving some fresh powder or wandering the Rockies.  More importantly they are just a short drive away. 

What is your favorite Denver activity? Microbrewery tap house crawl in RiNo or hanging out in one of the many parks (Cheeseman is the best)

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery?Tough call, so many great options.  Best restaurant is probably Acorn in the amazing Source building.  Best brewery, gotta go with Cerebral.  Best restaurant-brewery, definitely Vine Street Pub.

If not a doctor, what would you be? High school science teacher and rugby coach


 Alec Ridley

Undergrad and Medical School: Hampden-Sydney College and Mercer University School of Medicine

Why did you choose University of Colorado for residency? The program's commitment to helping residents reach their goals, whatever that be across the spectrum of internal medicine.  Also, everybody else in America was moving to Denver and I didn't want to be left out.   

What are your plans post-residency? I'd like to work in Colorado in primary care for some time, then maybe settle down in a rural setting to practice the full scale of general internal medicine. 

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? The sunshine.  It's always easy to get outside if you have a little bit of time or a whole week. 

What is your favorite Denver activity? Finding a nice new neighborhood for a slow walk, punctuated by a microbrew or ice cream. 

What is your favorite Denver restaurant or brewery? The current rotation of local breweries is Fiction, Cerebral and Comrade.  So far every place I have been to has graciously tolerated my rambunctious 1 1/2 year old, and for that I am very grateful. 

If not a doctor, what would you be? A gardener.  My wife insisted we rent a house and I'm glad she did because I would miss playing in the dirt.  And so would the 1 1/2 year old. 


 Cameron McGuire

Undergrad/Medical School: Undergrad - Trinity College in Hartford, CT Med School - Tulane University

Why did you choose University of Colorado Denver for residency? 1) On interview day every resident I met was friendly, enthusiastic about their work, and extremely intelligent. I felt like I had found the perfect teammates to train amongst and learn from. 2) Understanding how healthcare is delivered from multiple different perspectives and in multiple different systems was very important to me in my residency selection. Having the opportunity to work at 4 very different hospitals perfectly fills that need. 3) It was clear from Dr. Brandenburg and the APDs that there is a strong emphasis placed on the role of teaching in medicine at CU. Wherever I land in my career, I want teaching to be an integral part of my daily practice and I want to begin developing those skills as early in my training as possible.

What do you want to do after residency? I am hoping to do a pulmonary/critical care or hematology/oncology fellowship.

What is your favorite part of living in Colorado? I can't pick a single favorite. The top few are: sunshine, clear air, friendly people, delicious beer, and the outdoors.

What is your favorite thing to do in Denver? Catch a ballgame at Coors Field or go to Jazz at City Park.

Where is your favorite place to eat? So far Root Down or Beast and Bottle but I still have a ton of places to try.

Did you move here by yourself or with family? I moved here by myself, though I consider my DVD collection to be sort of like my family...

If you were not a doctor, what would you be? Either a movie critic or a history professor.