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Some of our current third year residents!


 Post-Graduate Year 3 (PGY3)


 Rebecca Burk

Hometown: Philadelphia, PABurk.jpg

Undergraduate: Cornell University

Medical school: University of Colorado

Plans after residency: Pulm/critical care.

What made you choose the University of Colorado:  I went to med school here and loved it.

Favorite Colorado activity:  Rock climbing and/or skiing.  I love them equally.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado:  Happy/friendly/really smart people, diversity of hospitals and patients, and it’s near mountains. 

Upcoming vacation plans:  (1) Climbing, swimming, and eating at my Grandparent’s house on Lake Huron.  (2) Ski touring in Canada

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be:  Biochemist in renewable energy, park ranger, or climbing bum. 


 Robin Chand

Hometown: I was born in Lautoka, Fiji Islands and grew up in Modesto, CaliforniaChand.jpg

Undergraduate: University of California, Davis

Medical school: University of Washington

Plans after residency: Likely fellowship - Cardiology vs Pulm-Critical Care . I’m also interested in clinical outcomes research, specifically comparing and contrasting high vs low performers.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: During my interview with Dr. Brandenburg, she asked me what I thought about Denver and I told her the truth: you need to put on a lot of lotion here. She laughed and I realized that if medicine didn’t work out, I could make a living as a comedian at the University of Colorado because I have a lot jokes about lotion. Seriously, I actually do have reasons why I chose the University of Colorado:

Reason #1: The residents I met during the interview day and at the applicant dinner. Nearly all of the residents I met were easy to talk to, outgoing, humble, and genuine. Moreover, they made me feel comfortable being me. As an applicant, I knew intern year was going to be a time when your insecurities about your knowledge base and abilities would be tested, and I felt that the residents I met during my visit were not going to judge me for saying “I don’t know what to do.” Rather, I felt that they would be understanding and help me learn what I needed to know without being condescending. Now after completing my intern year I can confidently say I was right.

Reason #2: The training sites. In medical school I rotated through a variety of hospital settings and I wanted to maintain that exposure through my residency training. I understood that having multiple sites may be a drawback, as I would have to learn new EMRs/systems/etc, but I wanted to develop an informed opinion regarding the kind of work environment that may work best for my potential future practice (VA vs academic hospital vs safety-net hospital vs private hospital).

Reason #3: The reputation of the program. My medical school internal medicine advisor highly recommended this program as an excellent program with an outstanding reputation, and I trusted his opinion. Having completed my intern year I can confirm that he was absolutely right. In this program I’ve worked the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life, but I’ve also learned a great deal had a lot of fun along the way.  Nearly every week last year as an intern, I would tell my fiancé (we couples matched into this program) that I am so very happy we matched here, and I can still say it today.

Favorite Colorado activity: Hanging out with my fiancé and friends (AKA my colleagues) at restaurants/happy hour/the parks/sporting events/etc.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: It might sound like a cliché, but it’s true: the people.  Many of my fellow residents are also my friends. They are smart, funny, out-going, and fun to hang out with.  The attendings are also amazing. I can honestly say that I have fun on rounds (that is, most of the time I have fun on rounds). The attendings are very approachable, excellent teachers, and value the residents as colleagues. And then there’s the administration. From the Program Director on down, I’m repeatedly reminded of how the administration is not only focused my training but also my happiness.

Upcoming vacation plans: I’m currently planning my honeymoon with my fiancé. Our tentative plan is to fly to Argentina to explore museums, dance a little Tango, eat out a lot, and drink Mendoza dry (responsibly, of course).

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Either a trophy husband, a restaurateur, or comedic actor (think: Ken Jeong but bald, brown, and chubby).


 Kelly Evans-Hullinger

Hometown:  Brookings, SDEvans.JPG

Undergrad:  South Dakota State University

Med school:  University of South Dakota

Plans after residency:  Primary care or traditional medicine, likely in a rural area

What made me choose UC:  The primary care track and the location

Favorite CO activity:  Trail running and local microbrew drinking

Favorite things about UC:  1.  Co-residents and faculty are generally down-to-earth, excellent people.  2. Working in multiple health care organizations gives exposure to diversity in patient populations, systems of delivery, and career mentors.  3. Clinical decision making based on up-to-date evidence is emphasized regularly on the wards.

Upcoming travel plans:  Heading to a cabin with some friends for a weekend of boating on the Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins

If I weren't a physician, I'd be:  Maybe working in a lab, but more likely I'd still be waiting tables and tending bar.  And I'd be playing a lot more golf!


 Joel Jorgenson

Hometown: Kearney, NE

Undergraduate: University of Nebraska Lincoln

Medical school: Northwestern

Plans after residency: Primary Care

What made you choose the University of Colorado: The program offers a great opportunity to experience the way healthcare is delivered in many different environments. Rotating at so many different hospitals was a huge draw.

Favorite Colorado activity: Snowboarding

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado:  The people. Everyone is laid back and friendly.

Upcoming vacation plans: Planning a trip to Eastern Europe at the end of this year.

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: a chef. Hopefully one that only had to work 3 days a week.


 Anjeli Kalra

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Kalra.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania

Medical school: Jefferson Medical College

Plans after residency: I am planning on pursuing a fellowship in Allergy/Immunology with the eventual goal of working in an academic setting. I enjoy teaching and conducting research, and I would like to incorporate both of these things into my future career.

What made you choose the University of Colorado:  This program is unique in that residents rotate through three major hospitals (University, VA and Denver Health), which allows us the opportunity to treat a diverse array of patients and gain exposure to all facets of medicine. I have found that this aspect of the program has provided me with a breadth of clinical and practical knowledge. I was also drawn to this program because of the personable faculty members who are now my mentors and the variety of tracks and opportunities available. I am very interested in teaching, and I plan to be part of the education track this year, which will allow me to refine this skill.

Favorite Colorado activity: Eating! However, I also enjoy hiking and spending time in the Colorado sunshine.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: Without a doubt, the people. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by kind, passionate and supportive peers and mentors who make this program special.

Upcoming vacation plans: My husband (also a medicine resident) and I will be flying to Los Angeles and driving up the California coast on the way to Portland, Oregon!

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A cultural anthropologist.


 Zain Mithani

Hometown: Vancouver, CanadaMithani.jpg

Undergraduate: McGill University

Medical school: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Plans after residency: Renal Fellowship

What made you choose the University of Colorado:  What really sold me was meeting other residents during my interview weekend. People here really are happy.

Favorite Colorado activity: I not much of an outdoorsy person. Luckily, Denver has a great food scene.  I love to check out as many new local restaurants as I can.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: Holiday Party

Upcoming vacation plans: I’d love to go to Tokyo

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: I’d be Prime Minister, eh?


 Kinnear Theobald

Hometown: Bloomington, INTheobald.jpg

Undergraduate: Grinnell College                

Medical school: Indiana University

Plans after residency: Going to work at my favorite place… the VA!

What made you choose the University of Colorado:  The 4+1 system- it has so many benefits.  When you’re on wards, you can just focus on your team without worrying about clinic, and when you’re in clinic, you can really get comfortable with the workflow.  Plus, the golden weekend is fantastic!

Favorite Colorado activity: Sampling all of the amazing food in Denver, and taking advantage of all the walking and biking trails that are just outside my door.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The diversity of patients and pathology across the three hospitals- and the really close friendships that develop in the intern teams!

Upcoming vacation plans:  Taking my stepkids (ages 9 and 12) for a week of hiking and camping in Glacier National Park

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A high school science teacher and softball coach


 Jessica Thibault

Hometown:  Hunt, IDThibault.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Utah

Medical school: University of Washington

Plans after residency: Fellowship in hematology/oncology and eventually return to Idaho to practice

What made you choose the University of Colorado: I felt that Colorado was the perfect combination of a top-notch program that could help me achieve my career goals in a city that could offer all of the outdoor activities and events that I was looking for. It was the ideal work-play balance that I needed.

Favorite Colorado activity: Concerts at Red Rocks

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: My fellow residents….they are amazing

Upcoming vacation plans: All-inclusive Mexico vacation with my husband for our anniversary!

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: A chef


 Allison Wolfe

Hometown: Stroudsburg, PAWolfe.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Virginia

Medical school: Wake Forest

Plans after residency: I would love to find a primary care practice and try to work in an international medical trip every once in a while.

What made you choose the University of Colorado: CU ultimately won me over because of the primary care track, the people, and the location. 

Favorite Colorado activity: Hiking

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The people.  I love how friendly and approachable people are. 

Upcoming vacation plans: I would love to get to Machu Picchu this year, but I have my doubts it’ll happen.   Alaska is also in the works.

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: There are a bunch of options: teacher/professor, some position at national geographic, working for the lonely planet (or some other tour book), marine biologist.  Ultimately, I would do something that would allow me to travel and explore the world.


 Joe Xie

Hometown: Saline, MI (outside of Ann Arbor)Xie.jpg

Undergraduate: University of Michigan

Medical school: University of Toledo College of Medicine

Plans after residency: Cardiology

What made you choose the University of Colorado: The interview day blew me away—the residents here were lighthearted, happy, and seemed to truly enjoy each other’s company (and now that I’m here, this is definitely true). The weather, mountains, and beer are perks as well.

Favorite Colorado activity: Trying new IPAs. There’s so many.

Favorite thing about the University of Colorado: The camaraderie among the residents.  I’m lucky to have made new close friends and seeing them in the hospital helps me get through busy ward months. The attendings have been terrific as well, both in their support and their enthusiasm for teaching.

Upcoming vacation plans: Just got back from Honduras for Intern week so it’s going to be hard to top, but thinking about a camping trip in Yellowstone. Also Portland for a classmate’s wedding!

If you weren’t a physician, you’d be: Anthony Bourdain