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The TEMPUS Research Study

(Timing Estrogen after Menopause)

The TEMPUS study will test whether the effects of estrogen on insulin metabolism (diabetes risk) is different in women who are only a few years past menopause compared to women who are many years past menopause

Research Study Participation and Randomization:

  • healthy, non-smoking women aged 45-70 years
  • postmenopausal (no longer having menstrual cycles)
    • must be less than 6yrs postmenopausal
    • more than 10yrs postmenopausal
  • not using any hormone therapy
  • no diabetes or other chronic disease
  • sedentary to moderately active (<3 days/wk of structured exercise)
  • stable body weight (no large weight gains or losses in last 2 months
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) < 30: Check your BMI here

Research Study Participation and Randomization:

  • To participate, volunteers must meet the above entry criteria and come in for 3 screening visits which include: blood work, physical exam, diabetes screening and body fat testing.
  • Those who qualify and agree to participate will complete research visits over the course of 2-3 months.
  • Study requirements consist of:
    • insulin metabolism test (2 separate occasions, 6-8 weeks apart)
    • muscle and fat biopsy (2 separate occasions, 6-8 weeks apart)
    • participants will wear estrogen or placebo (no estrogen) skin patches for 1 week prior to the insulin metabolism test

For more details about this research study and the testing involved, Click here to download a copy of the Consent Form.

Location of Study Visits:

Benefits for Research Study Volunteers:

  • Complete physical exam which includes testing for diabetes, body fat and bone density.
  • Monetary compensation.

If you believe you qualify for and are interested in participating, please contact Tracy Swibas at 720-848-6418 or

Research Personnel:
Principal Investigator, Rachael E. Van Pelt, PhD
Study Physician, Rocio I. Pereira, MD
Study Nurse, Teri Hernandez, RN, MS
Study Coordinator, Tracy Swibas, MS

The principal investigator for this study is Rachael E. Van Pelt, PhD This research study is approved by the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board (COMIRB protocol #11-0788)