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Short-term Changes in Physical Function in Women Treated for Breast Cancer

The principal investigator of this study is Catherine Jankowski, PhD. This study has been approved by the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board (#09-0500).

Why are we doing the GET SHORTY Study?

The purpose of the GET SHORTY Study is to measure some of the changes in physical function that women experience during the time of breast cancer surgery and follow-up treatment. Very little is known about the amount and types of changes in physical function that women experience early in breast cancer treatment in part because measures of function are rarely obtained before surgery. The GET SHORTY study will help to better understand how breast cancer surgery and adjuvant treatment affects physical function. A long term goal of this research is to develop strategies, such as exercise training, that might prevent some of the changes in physical function during breast cancer treatments.

Who will be in the GET SHORTY Study?

We are looking for women who:

  • have recently been diagnosed with stage I-III breast cancer
  • are a patient of the University of Colorado Breast Center

What happens if I join the GET SHORTY Study?

participants will be asked to complete four visits on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. The first visit will be before surgery. The next 3 visits will take place over about 8 months after surgery, around the completion of radiation or radiation followed by chemotherapy.

Physical function tests, questionnaires, and measures of your body size such as waist, hips, and arms will take place at each visit. There is one blood draw near the end of the study to measure your vitamin D levels.

The study does not change the treatment plan for breast cancer.

For more information about the GET SHORTY study, please contact Catherine Jankowski, PhD at 303-724-1916 or (type “GET SHORTY” in the subject line).