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Division of Rheumatology Activities

University of Colorado Research Activities

V. Michael Holers MD, Department Head
William P. Arend MD, Professor of Medicine
Susan A. Boackle MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
Chrisopher C. Striebich MD, PHD, Assistant Professor
Sterling G. West MD, Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Briney
Kevin Deane MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Veterans' Affairs Hospital

Robert Janson MD, Assistent Professsor of Medicine
Liron Caplan MD, PHD, Assistent Professsor of Medicine
Leslie Rose MD, Denver VA Medical Center

Denver Health and Hospitals

David H. Collier MD, Professor of Medicine
Dennis J. Boyle MD, Assistant Professor

National Jewish Health

One of the premier respiratory clinical and research facilities in the world.

Richard Meehan MD, Co-Director Autoimmune
Dr. Fischer, Faculty Member
Dr. Zell Gillis, Faculty Member

The Children's Hospital

Roger Hollister, MD

Jennifer Soep, MD

Leonard Dragone, MD, PhD