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Colorado Pulmonary-Alcohol Research Consortium (CoPARC)


Consortium Research Subjects/Patients

Subjects with alcohol use disorders (AUDs), identified using a validated survey, will be recruited from the Denver and Atlanta sites. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are the same criteria we have used for the past decade.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for those with AUDs

  • Inclusion criteria: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) score of ≥ 8 for men, ≥ 5 for women; last alcohol-containing beverage consumed within the 7 days prior to enrollment. Smokers are included, and individuals with Gold Stages I and II COPD may be included as well.
  • Exclusion criteria: history of co-morbidity requiring daily medication (except HTN); concurrent illicit drug use; abnormal chest radiograph; age < 18 or > 55

Subjects will undergo research sampling the morning following admission to ensure that issues with alcohol withdrawal have been appropriately addressed. We will monitor AUD subjects closely for alcohol withdrawal using a standardized CIWA protocol, and provide symptom-driven benzodiazepines as needed. Moreover daily multivitamin, thiamine, and folate are provided to participants. Daily rounds by the site PI on admitted subjects will also occur. After protocol completion, subjects will be discharged with a responsible adult, or after 24 hours have elapsed since bronchoscopy. AUD subjects will be reimbursed with supermarket gift cards that cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol.​

Control subjects will be recruited from Denver, Atlanta, and New Orleans sites. We will pair-match control subjects to AUD subjects based on smoking, age, and gender.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for controls

  • Inclusion criteria: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) score of < 2 for men, < 1 for women.
  • Exclusion criteria: Subjects will be ineligible to participate if they meet any of the criteria set forth for subjects with AUDs listed above.

Control subject protocols can be completed in a single day. Control subjects will be reimbursed for their time with debit cards.

Burn injured patients Patients within 24 hours of burn injury, with or without smoke inhalation injury, who are expected to need ICU care >48 hours. Patients may or may not require mechanical ventilation.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for burn-injured patients

  • Inclusion criteria: Patients within 24 hours of burn injury on mechanical ventilation, with or without smoke inhalation injury, and who are expected to require mechanical ventilation >48 hours.
  • Exclusion criteria: Age less than 18; presence of a co-morbid malignancy, use of immunosuppressive medications; known autoimmune or chronic inflammatory diseases; and patients who are admitted greater than 24 hours after injury.