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Richard J. Martin, M.D.

Professor of Medicine



  Richard J. Martin, M.D.
  Professor of Medicine 
  University of Colorado Denver 



Education & Training
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1967 B.S. Zoology
1971 M.D. 

Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, AZ
1971-1972 Intern Internal Medicine

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
1974-1976 Resident Internal Medicine

University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
1976-1978 Fellow Pulmonary



Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Section, Univ. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Director, Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Veterans’ Administration Medical Center

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Section,Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Director, Adult Special Care UnitDirector, Sleep Disorders Program, National Jewish Medical and Research Center
Head, Bronchoscopy ServiceUniversity of Colorado Denver

Associate Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Section, University of Colorado Denver

Professor of Medicine

Head, Division of Pulmonary Medicine, National Jewish Medical and Research Center

Vice Chair, Department of MedicineNational Jewish Medical and Research Center

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