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Edward Charles Dempsey, M.D.

Professor of Medicine

Edward Charles Dempsey, M.D.
Professor of Medicine

University of Colorado Denver



Harvard College, Cambridge, MA 1977 B.A. Biochemical Sciences

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 1982 M.D. Medicine


1975 - 76
Trainee, College Summer Research Program; The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

1982 - 86
Medicine Internship, Residency, Chief Residency; Yale New Haven Hosp, New Haven, CT

1985 - 86
Instructor in Medicine; Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

1986 - 89
Pulmonary and Crit Care Medicine Fellowship; U. of Colo. Sch. of Med., Denver, CO

1989 - Present
Attending Physician (Pulmonary, ICU; Director, VA Chest Clinic); Denver VA Medical Center and University Hospital, Denver, CO

1989 - 96
Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, Staff Investigator, CVP Research Laboratory; U. of Colo. Sch. of Med., Denver, CO

1996 - 2002
Associate Professor with tenure, Dept of Medicine, Staff Investigator, CVP Research Laboratory; U of Colo. Sch. of Med., Denver, CO

Chief, Pulmonary & Critical Care Section, Denver VA Medical Center, Denver, CO


1977 - 82
Hammerman Medical Fellowship; National Foundation March of Dimes

1980 - 81
Grunebaum Cancer Research Fellowship; Rockefeller Univ., New York, NY

1989 - 92
PI, Parker B. Francis Pulmonary Research Fellowship

1989 - 92
PI, Pfizer Postdoctoral Research Award in Cardiovascular Medicine

1990 - 91
PI, NIH Biomedical Research Grant #BRSG-05357

1991 - 92
PI, American Heart Association of Colorado Research Grant

1991 - 93
PI, American Lung Association Research Grant

1993 - 98
Director, Tissue Culture Core and Co-Invest, Project 3,5; NHLBI PPG HL 14985

1993 - 95
PI, Roerig/American College of Chest Physicians Research Award

1994 - 96
PI, Department of Veterans Affairs Research Advisory Group Grant

1994 - 96
Giles Filley Research Award from American Physiological Society

1997 - 02
Co-Invest, Project 1 NHLBI SCOR HL-46481

1997 - 99
PI, American Heart Association of Colorado/Wyoming Research Grant

1998 - 03
PI, Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Review Grant

1998 - 03
PI, Project 3 and Director, Tissue Culture Core; NHLBI PPG HL 14985

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (From a list of more than 42 papers)

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Patents: Dempsey EC. "Method of using PKC inhibiting compounds to treat vascular disease"; (based on structure of bryostatin derivatives); US Patent 6,228,843; issued May 8, 2001.