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Translational Bioinformatics and Cancer Systems Biology Lab

Main Research Focus:
The Tan lab develops and applies computational/machine learning and statistical methods to analyze and model cancer systems biology. Our aim is to translate the basic research into clinical trials for personalized cancer treatment by 1) developing novel bioinformatics approaches to integrate and interpret high-throughput and complex biological data sources for biomarker discovery, and 2) devising new computational strategies to identify aberrant signaling and metabolic pathways in tumors.

Recent Publications:
Messersmith, W.A., N.V. Rajeshkumar, Tan, A.C., Wang, X, García-García, E., López-Ríos, F., Diesel, C., Choe, S.E., Follettie, M., Coughlin, C., Boschelli, F., Jimeno, A. and Hidalgo, M. (2009). Efficacy and Pharmacodynamic Effects of Bosutinib, a Src/Abl Inhibitor, in Human Pancreas Cancer Xenografts. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 8(6):1484-1493. [PMID: 19509264]

N.V. Rajeshkumar*, Tan, A.C.*, De Oliveira, E., Womack, C., Warren, M., Wombwell, H., Jenkins, M., Morgan, S., Green, T.P., Jimeno, A., Messersmith, W.A., and Hidalgo, M. (2009). Antitumor effects and biomarkers of activity of AZD0530, a Src inhibitor, in pancreatic cancer. Clinical Cancer Research. 15(12):4138-4146. [*contributed equally to this work] [PMID: 19509160]

Kent, O.A., Mullendore, M., Wentzel, E., López-Romero, P., Tan, A.C., Alvarez, H., West, K., Ochs, M.F., Hidalgo, M., Arking, D.E., Maitra, A. and Mendell, J.T. (2009). A resource for analysis of miRNA expression and function in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells. Cancer Biology and Therapy. 8(21):2005-2016. [PMID: 20037478]

Tian, Y., Tan, A.C., Sun, X., Olson, M.T., Jinawath, N., Chan, D.W., Shih, I.-M., Zhang, Z. and Zhang, H. (2009). Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Ovarian Cancer Cells Identified Mitochondrial Proteins Associated with Paclitaxel Treatment. PROTEOMICS – Clinical Applications. 3(11): 1288-1295.

Tan, A.C., Jimeno, A., Lin, S.H., Wheelhouse, J., Chan, F. Solomon, A., N.V. Rajeshkumar Rubio-Viqueira, B. and Hidalgo, M. (2009). Characterizing methylation patterns in pancreatic cancer genome. Molecular Oncology. 3(5-6):425-438. [PMID: 19497796]

Chen, C.-S.*, Sullivan, S. *, Anderson, T.*, Tan, A.C.*, Alex, P.J., Brant, S., Cuffari, C., Bayless, T.M., Taylor, M.V., Burek, L., Wang, H., Li, R., Datta, L.W., Winslow, R.L., Zhu, H., and Li, X. (2009). Identification of novel serological biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease using E. coli proteome chip. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 8(8):1765-1776. [*contributed equally to this work] [PMID: 19357087]