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Linda Farb

Senior Professional Research Assistant

LF.jpgLinda received her BA from the University of Colorado. She began her career as a Medical Technologist at Gates Clinic in Denver, then moving to Hematology and Chemistry at St. Luke’s Hospital.  She started at the University of Colorado in 1989 in the Division of Hematology as a Professional Research Assistant.  From 2003 to 2006 she worked as a Professional Research Assistant in the Department of Pharmacology.  She then returned to the Division of Hematology and the Allen / Stabler Lab in early 2007. Linda also holds Medical Technologist degree from Mercy Medical Center and completed a Multimedia Technology Program at Front Range Community College.


Linda processes samples using solid phase extraction for over a dozen forms of Vitamin B12 (analogues and CN-Cobalamin) from human and animal blood, tissues and feces. The purified samples are analyzed for the many known and some newly observed cobalamin product ions on Agilent 6490 LCMS/MS and HPLC instruments. Linda purifies the binding proteins for cobalamin, measures the binding ability of the proteins and assists in the clinical analysis of Vitamin B12 metabolites in Dr. Robert Allen’s GC/MS lab.