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Emergency contraception not as accessible as it should be, Colorado study finds

Efforts to remove barriers to accessing emergency contraception (EC) scored victories in 2013. Colorado researchers 2014 asked 633 pharmacies in the state about EC access and found it to be accessible at only 23 percent of them.

Dr. Regensteiner awarded a 2.5 million dollar grant

Congratulations to Drs. Regensteiner and Santoro on receiving a 5-year NIH grant

Dr. David Schwartz receives $10 million grant

Congratulations to Dr. David Schwartz on receiving the grant from Department of Defense

Data Science to Patient Value

Jean Kutner, MD, MSPH, professor of medicine and associate dean for clinical affairs, presented D2V, to the Faculty Senate on Tuesday.

PACE Awards to four SOM/DOM faculty members

Congratulations to Drs. Corral and Mastalerz for being 2 of 4 to receive this Award

NIH to Recognize 12 Champions of Environmental Health Research

Dr. Schwartz, has been named an awardee of the Champion of Environmental Health Research Award from the NIEHS.

Top 6 things women in their 20s should consider

Dr. Mitra Razzaghi, the Medical Director of the Women’s Integrated Services in Health practice, offers six tips for women in their 20s to remain healthy.

Regensteiner - Closing the Gender Gap in Medical Research

A Colorado Center Works To Close The Gender Gap In Medical Research

UCH Looks to Broaden Support for Cancer Patients

New supportive care program looks to treat the whole patient

The sobering thing doctors do when they die - featuring Dr. Stacy Fischer

"We went into this with the hypothesis we were going to see very large differences," said Stacy Fischer...

Dr. Joe Frank featured in the Montana Standard

Opioid Painkillers Raise Deadly Heart Risks for Some: Study

Regensteiner spotlight

In the more than 10 years the Center for Women's Health Research has been operating, Judy Regensteiner (GIM) has noticed a sea change in women's health issues.

AAMC Reporter

Brandon Combs featured in the February/March AAMC Reporter


DOM Newsroom

Flu vaccine just 36% effective this season, CDC reports

“We know in general that people that are younger and healthy can have better responses to vaccines than people who are older or very young,” said Michelle Barron.

8 Super-Random Things That Could Be Giving You High Blood Pressure

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. This means it can wake you up, help you stay focused, and even get things moving in the bathroom. But this also means it spikes your blood pressure and stresses your heart, says Amber Khanna.

Is Being Overweight Always Unhealthy?

While a good diet and fitness regimen can have a positive impact on your health, “simply being overweight increases your risk for cardiovascular disease in particular,” says Judith Regensteiner.

Low Blood Sodium Tied to Impaired Thinking in Older Men

Lower sodium levels in the blood are associated with mental impairment and decline in older men, a new study finds.

Heart relaxation drug offers hope for for diastolic dysfunction

“These are exciting findings because we may be able to help patients with a form of heart failure that has been recalcitrant to standard-of-care therapies,” said CU associate professor of medicine and study co-author Timothy A. McKinsey.

‘Unconditional Love’: Having A Dog Can Help Your Heart

“Dog ownership is associated with better health habits and thus, actually better health,” said Larry Allen, cardiologist at University of Colorado Hospital, who runs and hikes with his two dogs.

Methadone clinics in Colorado have doubled in 3 years

Denver Public Health director Bill Burman named expansion of medication-assisted treatment a top concern in fighting the opioid crisis. He described how treatment, ideally, should work: “The minute somebody says ‘I’m ready,’ you say ‘great,’” he said.

Researchers identify potential treatment for diastolic dysfunction in heart failure

“These are exciting findings because we may be able to help patients with a form of heart failure that has been recalcitrant to standard-of-care therapies,” said Timothy A. McKinsey, associate professor of medicine at the CU School of Medicine.

Blood test in development could detect 8 cancers, save more lives

“It detects genetic mutations that are common in a number of different cancers and also a number of proteins that we see elevated in patients who have cancer,” said Alexis Leal, a medical oncologist at University of Colorado Hospital.

The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health

“When you have a bad head cold, you feel sick everywhere and your muscles might ache,” said Anthony Gerber, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health. “The same thing can happen when you breathe in pollution.”

Denver Health eating-disorders center doubles its number of beds

“Many of these patients were too critically ill to be on a waiting list, so this expansion was born out of the need to offer our life-saving services immediately,” said Philip Mehler.

Dr. David A. Schwartz Named to NuMedii Advisory Board as IPF Expert

NuMedii, Inc. announced the official formation of an Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Advisory Board. Among the experts who have been named to the new Board of Advisors is David A. Schwartz, Professor of Medicine and Immunology, CU School of Medicine.

Vitamin D Supplements May Make Arteries Healthier

“Looking at vitamin D earlier in life -- before there’s a lot of cardiovascular disease on board -- could be an encouraging improvement,” said Robert Eckel, director of the University of Colorado Hospital's Lipid Clinic.

E. Coli Cases Linked To Romaine Lettuce

“Don’t just put them under the sink for a few seconds. I often will put it in a bowl and let it soak so I know the surfaces have been touched by the water. Then, I drain it and repeat that a couple of time,” said Michelle Barron.