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Quality Care

Service Line Descriptions

The University of Colorado’s Hospital Medicine Group (HMG) is committed to fundamentally improving the carewe provide patients, both locally and nationally.  

We do this through our mission of providing the highest quality care in a cost appropriate manner while advancing the science of hospital medicine through education and research. 

To achieve this mission, the HMG is privileged to care for approximately 40% of hospitalized patients on ten inpatient services composed of 17 distinct teams at University of Colorado Hospital. Each of our services embodies our core mission of delivering the highest value care through a philosophy of continuous learning, data-driven feedback and the relentless pursuit of excellence.  

Furthermore, the HMG is advancing the science of the field through clinical investigation, process improvement and the creation of innovative educational and care delivery models. An important part of achieving our mission is the education and development of our future providers. 

As such, every Hospital Medicine Group clinical service—day, swing and night—has learners, a dedicated curriculum and time to teach.