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Quality & Safety

While always core to the mission of the HMG recent years have seen astronomical growth in our Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) outputs.  Members have attained great success in venous thromboembolism care pathways, efficiencies in care, hand hygiene, care for the underinsured, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, transitions of care, stroke care and many other areas.  In 2012 the HMG-led Stroke Process Improvement team won the Society of Hospital Medicine Excellence in Team-based QI Award, the most prestigious QI award giving by the society.  To build on these early successes the HMG recruited two Associate Directors in QI  & PS and tasked them with creating the most productive QI & PS programs in the country.  Over the past year, we have built considerable momentum to support the ambitious HMG quality improvement and patient safety program. We’ve expanded our efforts and success across a broad range of initiatives, including QI and clinical innovation projects, safety culture enhancement, acquiring and sharing meaningful performance data, faculty development, and increased support for HMG members striving to improve our care systems.