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Quality & Safety Newsflash




​August 2016 ​University of Colorado Addiction Medicine Consult Team ​Click here
​July 2016 ​DocLine Outside Transfer and Consult Expectations ​Click here
​June 2016 ​Admission Guidance ​Click here
​May 2016 ​New Inpatient Stroke Alert Process Click here
​April 2016 ​Diabetes Discharge Order Set - Live April 2016 Click here​
​March 2016 ​Peer to Peer Support Network for Residents, Fellows, and Faculty involved in an Adverse Event Click here
​February 2016 ​Adult Code Blue Emergency Resuscitation Click here
​January 2016 ​New Imaging Order Priorities in EPIC - Effective February 2, 2016 Click here​
​December 2015 ​UCH Level of Care Considerations ​Click here
​November 2015 ​New UCH Pulmonary Ward Team Click here
​September 2015 ​Glucose Management Team Click here
​August 2015 ​Activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) reagent & Coagulation Test Reference Range changes Click here
​July 2015 ​Interpreter Services Click here
​June 2015 ​Stroke Alert Click here
​May 2015 ​Medical Emergency Team (MET) Click here
​April 2015 ​ACR Appropriateness Criteria ​Click here​
March 2015 ​Airborne Policy Update & New Rule-out TB order-set in EPIC Click here
​February 2015 ​Nurse-Driven Indwelling Urinary Catheter (IUC) Removal Protocol Click here
​January 2015 ​The UCH Antimicrobial Stewardship Guidebook is available on the HUB Click here
​December 2014 ​Periprocedural management of novel oral anticoagulants Click here
​October 2014 ​Direct Admissions / Transfers From Clinic Click here
​September 2014 ​ED Communication Click here