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LInQS Fellowship

DOM Leaders in Informatics, Quality and Systems (LInQS) fellowship program

The objective of the Leaders in Informatics, Quality and Systems (LInQS) program is to develop future leaders in the Department of Medicine who have successful academic careers in the areas of quality improvement (QI), clinical system design, clinical informatics, and/or patient safety. 

The LInQS program will provide didactics, longitudinal mentorship and hands-on training experiences for fellows interested in careers in quality improvement, clinical system design, clinical informatics, and/or patient safety. The LInQS program will support a core faculty of mentors with diverse expertise to support and mentor these trainees towards a successful academic career. We envision that fellows will pursue the following career paths following completion of this training: 1) clinical track with focus on QI, clinical informatics or patient safety or 2) research track with focus on quality improvement research leveraging a learning health system and grant funded research. 

Program description

This is a 2-year program that combines didactics, mentoring and several experiential components. Trainees will be able to focus on 1 of 3 tracks: 1) quality improvement and patient safety, 2) clinical informatics, and 3) quality improvement research and learning health system. For the didactic components, we will leverage current available training programs such the Quality Safety Academy and the Institute for Healthcare Quality and Safety (IHQSE) Certificate Training Program (CTP). Trainees will attend regular works-in-progress and be able to tailor their experience to meet their career goals. There will have a basic curriculum that includes elements from each track. Divisions will support the fellow’s salary and protect 75% of their time to dedicate to the program. 

Deliverables for trainees at the end of the 2-year program:

  1. Lead a QI project that has significant clinical impact on their Division
  2. Publish QI project in peer review journal
  3. Lead and teach quality improvement, patient safety and/or clinical informatics to trainees
  4. Become a resource and mentor for Division/Department QI projects
  5. Submit grant for intramural or extramural funding 

Program enrollment

  • Start date for program is Fall 2019 

Requirements for applicants: Applicants will submit a 2-page proposal on prior experience with quality improvement, patient safety, clinical informatics, and/or system redesign efforts, the applicant’s career goals, and proposed QI mentor from the applicant’s main clinical site. The applicant will need to identify a mentor at the main site for the QI project. The QI mentor should be someone with prior QI experience, who has successfully conducted QI work at the institution, and someone who can help facilitate the execution of the proposed QI project. The application should include the applicant’s and the mentor’s biosketch. The QI mentor will need to commit to attending Works-In-Progress (WIP) meetings with the applicant at least twice per month.