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Faculty Development Advisory Council (FDAC)

Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine Faculty Development Advisory Council (FDAC) serves as an advisory body to the Vice Chair of Faculty Advancement. Members of the Council represent the 18 divisions in the department and our affiliates. Individual members coalesce faculty development needs and requests from Division faculty and Division leadership in order to facilitate the exchange of information between the Divisions and the DOM Faculty Advancement Office (FAO). The council provides division level input for new faculty orientation, career development and academic advancement.
This council provides an open forum for the discussion of common faculty development needs, exploring best practices in leadership and faculty development and facilitates the professional development of the individual council members.

Review the Faculty Development Advisory Council Summary for additional details on FDAC objectives, appointments, and council member commitments.

Questions on Council activities may be directed to
FDAC Meeting Minutes and Council Member Resource 

2017 / 2018 Council Members 

Name ​Credential ​Rank/Role ​Division/Affiliation
​Amrut Ambardekar ​MD

​Assistant Professor

​Amy Huebschmann MD ​Associate Professor General Internal Medicine
​Anna Jovanovich ​MD ​Assistant Professor ​Renal
Bryan Bergman ​PhD


​Endocrinolgy, Metabolism, Diabetes
Colleen McIlvennan


Assistant Professor Cardiology
Dave Wyles ​MD

​Associate Professor, 
Chief of the Divsion of Infectious Disease 

Denver Health

​Ellen Burnham ​MD ​Associate Professor ​Pulmonary Sciences
​Ethan Lange ​PhD ​Professor  ​Biomedical Informatics
​Glen Peterson RN, DNP, ACNP ​Assistant Professor  ​Hematology 
​Gregory Misky ​MD ​Associate Professor  ​Hospital Medicine
​Ivana Yang  ​PhD ​Associate Professor  ​Biomedical Informatics
​Janice Kerr ​MD ​Associate Professor  ​Endocrinology, Metabolism, Diabetes 
​Jeannette Guerrasio ​MD ​Associate Professor  ​Hospital Medicine
​Jeremy Long  ​MD ​Associate Professor  ​General Internal Medicine 
​John Tentler ​PhD ​Associate Professor  ​Medical Oncology 
​Jose Castillo-Mancilla ​MD ​Associate Professor  ​Infectious Disease 
​Kristen Demoruelle ​MD ​Assistant Professor ​Rheumatology 
​Lisa Maier ​MD, MSPH, FCCP ​Professor
Chief, Division of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Department of Medicine
​Pulmonary Sciences
​Manali Kamdar   ​MD ​Assistant Professor  ​Hematology
​Melanie Koenigshoff ​MD, PhD ​Professor ​Pulmonary Sciences
​Pam Peterson ​MD, MPH/MSPH ​Associate Professor  ​Denver Health, Cardiology 
​Ravi Gopal  ​MD  ​Associate Professor ​Veterans Affairs, General Internal Medicine 
​Rebecca Boxer  ​MD  ​Associate Professor  ​Geriatric Medicine 
​Sung-Joon Min (Max)  ​PhD ​Associate Professor  ​Healthcare Policy and Research 
​Susan Boackle ​MD ​Associate Professor  ​Rheumatology 
​Tyler Buckner ​MD, MSc ​Assistant Professor  ​Hematology
​Wendy Tzou ​MD ​Assistant Professor ​Cardiology 

Council Chair 


​Credential ​Rank/Role ​Division/Affiliation
​Greg Austin ​MD, MPH ​Associate Professor  ​Gastroenterology 

Vice Chair Sponsor

Name ​Credential ​Rank/Role ​Division/Affiliation
​Cara Wilson ​MD ​Professor, Vice Chair Faculty Advancement  ​Infectious Disease