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Quality and Safety Program

Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine (DOM) Quality and Safety Program (QSP) was created in July 2011 to provide a management structure to oversee quality and safety activities for the department. Michael Ho, MD, PhD serves as Vice Chair for Quality in the DOM.  The DOM QSP strives to advance the quality of care delivered by DOM providers to our patients through a number of integrated programs. 
  • To provide DOM faculty and trainees with the skills and tools necessary to produce optimal outcomes for our patients. 
  • To identify synergies and integrate activities across the DOM as a means to augment the impact of this work, reduce redundancy, and strengthen the shared mission of the Department’s faculty and trainees. 
  • To foster an atmosphere in which quality improvement is valued as an essential component of the academic medical enterprise.
Over the last two years, the QSP has made important contributions to the enterprise, forging partnerships across the DOM, with University of Colorado Hospital, CU Medicine (formerly University Physicians, Inc.), and the CU School of Medicine. Key accomplishments include:  
1. Patient Safety Activities 
Our patient safety and peer review program is a multi-pronged effort that began in 2012 with the deliberative redesign, piloting, and dissemination of a systems and improvement model of Morbidity and Mortality (M & M) which has been adopted by conferences throughout the DOM and increasingly across the CU School of Medicine (SOM).  
M and M Resources (M&M Toolkit and M&M Task Force)


2. Quality Improvement Activities

Our quality program has been focused on alignment of our operational, regulatory, and programmatic work with our partners at UCH, SOM, and CU Medicine (formerly UPI). 

Maintenance of Certificate Portfolio Approval Program
3. Quality and Safety Newsflash Archive