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Course Requirements

IDPT 8016: Physician as Educator

  1. Workshops: attend 4/7 evening workshops. 
  2. Teaching practicum assignments:
        • 4 Wednesday Evening Clinics at Stout Street
        • 3 Foundations of Doctoring Clinical Skills Sessions 


  1. All students signed up for the workshops are expected to attend and be there on time, just like attending rounds on the wards.
  2. This course participation is to be treated like any other rotation, with same standards of professionalism expected, including no texting/email/iPad use during workshop unless it is an emergency. Please ignore or turn your phone off.
  3. Student coordinator or designee will bring written sign in attendance sheet and require written web-based student evaluation/ feedback of workshop structure/content/utility within one week of workshop​.

If you cannot fulfill these requirements please discuss this with the course director Dr. Melillo as soon as this is apparent.

This is a longitudinal course concurrent with other electives.  You should coordinate with your other courses to arrange attendance at the workshops, clinics and skills sessions for this course. 


Total Coursework Time

(4) Workshops @ 2 hours


(4) Reading Time @ 1 hour


(4) Wednesday Stout St. clinics @ 3 hours


(3) Foundations sessions @ 4 hours


(2) Preparation for Foundations @ 2 hours


Total time required (equal to 1 week elective)