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IDPT 8016: Physician as Educator


The evening workshops are designed to be interactive and allow time for practicing new skills.  Seven 2 hour workshops will be held throughout the academic year.  The workshops are more heavily loaded in the fall semester to prepare students for the practical components of the course.  There will be assigned reading (less than 1 hour) to be completed prior to each workshop in order to encourage discussion and allow for some practice of newly learned skills.  Clinical faculty who have experience in the field will lead the workshops.

Workshop Topics Include:

  1. Orientation and learning styles
  2. Clinical teaching
  3. How to teach a physical exam skill
  4. Teaching procedural skills
  5. Small group teaching

There are two venues for teaching practicum - the clinic and classroom.  Students will co-precept MS1 and MS2 students with an attending.  Students will also be expected to use their workshop knowledge to prepare for the teaching practicum by designing their own small teaching modules.

  1. Stout Street Wednesday Evening Clinic – Students will serve as mentors and co-preceptors with attendings​ at chosen Wednesday evening clinics.  The clinic is student run with MS4s taking a teaching role for MS1 and MS2 students.  Students will have the opportunity to apply workshop skills such as the “One minute preceptor,” giving and receiving feedback, etc., in the clinical setting. 
  2. Foundations of Doctoring Clinical Skills Sessions – During these afternoon sessions students will have the opportunity to practice workshop skills in the classroom setting.  Students may participate in both physical exam and communications teaching exercises.  Students will apply their workshop skills such as teaching a skill, learner-centered learning, and feedback versus evaluation.
  3. Stout Street Orientation – As an alternative to one Wednesday Evening Clinic or Foundations Skills Session, students may assist with the Stout Street orientation.

Addition​al Teaching Opportunities