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Family Medicine Residencies


FM Residency


There are three family medicine residencies within the Department of Family Medicine.  Each of these outstanding residency programs provide high quality education to family physicians in training. The graduates of these programs are skillfully prepared to care for patients in a variety of settings and to practice in the medical homes of the future.


  • Rose Family Medicine Residency: The Rose Family Medicine Residency was built upon the oldest, university-affiliated, community-based generalist training program in the nation. The residency emphasizes individual assessment and life-long learning.
  • Swedish Family Medicine Residency: The Swedish Family Medicine Residency is a community-based program located in the south Denver metro area. The residency program has outstanding residents (6 per year) and an experienced, exceptional group of faculty physicians. 
  • University of CO Family Medicine Residency: The University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency is committed to defining and creating the future of Family Medicine. It seeks to be a leader in demonstrating what it means to be a caring, effective family medicine physician in the 21st century. The progam is a site for the national Preparing Personal Physicians for Practice (P4 ) project.


For more information see the DFM Residencies Web site