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Joanna S. Stratton, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor, AF Williams Family Medicine Center



AF Williams Family Medicine Center at Stapleton

3055 Roslyn St #100

Denver, CO 80238


720-848-9000 Clinic

720-848-9100 Residency

720-848-9002 Fax


My clinical training included valuable experiences at the Colorado State University
Counseling Center, Denver Health Medical Center In-patient Psychiatric Unit, University
of Denver Counseling and Behavioral Health Center and Aurora Mental Health Child and
Family Outpatient Program. Through these experiences, I have had the privilege of
counseling kids, adolescents and adults in the midst of their own reflection, emotional
pain and triumph. I have learned that human beings are resilient and capable of making
real changes in their lives. There is nothing more satisfying to me than being a part of a
patient’s journey towards emotional, physical and psychological wellness.


I am interested in the connection between the mind and physical health outcomes as well as the
behavioral health education of residents. Thoughts, emotions and the past have an undeniable
impact on the body’s ability to heal, fight off infection and manage pain.  I have also specialized in
studying and researching romantic relationship satisfaction. Most Americans still want to be in a
committed romantic relationship, despite the staggering odds of dissolution. I am committed to
helping patients learn how to be a better partner and edify this important relationship that seems
to have such a significant impact on wellness and subjective happiness. My other research
interests include supervision, eating disorders and therapy outcomes.

  • American Counseling Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
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