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Eric Peterson, MD


4995 E 33rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80207



I returned to home to Denver in 2011 after being away for all but 3 years since graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1983.  I’m happy to be back but the intervening years were a lot of fun.  After college at Wesleyan I went off to the Peace Corps and spent 2 years in Congo working with farmers to develop small fish farms to provide a source of protein for their diet.  After that I spent some years doing laboratory research on cancer and then started medical school at the University of Arizona.  After medical school I came back to Denver for 3 good years as a resident at St. Anthony’s.  I then worked on the Zuni Reservation at an Indian Health Service Hospital for 10 years.

My experiences in life and in medicine have been varied.  I’d like to think that they have given me some different perspectives on how people live, how medicine impacts people’s lives and different approaches to medical problems.  The experience at Zuni was especially meaningful in this regard.  Life on the Zuni reservation comes with a particular set of wonderful advantages and difficult challenges.  The Zuni history of problems with occupying Spaniards and Americans makes people wary of outside institutions and outside values.  On the other hand, their culture provides the Zuni people with strength and with a tradition of wellness that is a special asset to them.  The small hospital I worked at provided care on a “family practice model” with no specialists and I had the opportunity to work clinics, urgent care, ER, OB and inpatient.  The resulting excellent, well-coordinated care that patients receive there provides a nice example of what quality primary care can mean for a population’s health.

Of course, family medicine affords all its practitioners a unique and privileged look into people’s lives across a wide spectrum of situations.  That is one of the beautiful things about the specialty.  I am pleased to be able to continue my practice back home in Denver.  My hope that my experiences in these other settings are an asset to the Department of Family Medicine and to my patients.