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Crystal structures of complex containing domain 3 from IGR IRES RNAs bound to the 70S ribosome

Zhu, J., Korostelev, A., Costantino, D.A., Donohue, J.P., Noller, H.F., & J.S. Kieft, Crystal structures of complexes containing domains from two viral internal ribosome entry site (IRES) RNAs bound to the 70S ribosome. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2011. 108(5): p. 1839-44.

3PYN (30S subunit of the first 70S ribosome)
3PYO (50S subunit of the first 70S ribosome)
3PYQ (30S subunit of the second 70S ribosome)
3PYR (50S subunit of the second 70S ribosome)

3PYS (30S subunit of the first 70S ribosome)
3PYT (50S subunit of the first 70S ribosome)
3PYU (30S subunit of the second 70S ribosome)
3PYV (50S subunit of the second 70S ribosome)

Cricket Paralysis virus domain 3 bound to sulfate or selenate

J. S. Kieft, E. Chase, D. A. Costantino and B. L. Golden, Identification and characterization of anion binding sites in RNA. RNA, 2010. 16(6): p. 1118-23.

3MJ3 (selenate structure #1)
3MJA (selenate structure #2)
3MJC (sulfate)

Crystal structure of domain III of the Cricket Paralysis Virus IRES RNA

D. A. Costantino, J. S. Pfingsten, R. P. Rambo and J. S. Kieft, tRNA-mRNA mimicry drives translation initiation from a viral IRES. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2008. 15(1): p. 57-64.


Phasing module development (variants of the ribonucleoprotein core of the Signal Recognition Particle.

A. Y. Keel, R. P. Rambo, R. T. Batey and J. S. Kieft, A general strategy to solve the phase problem in RNA crystallography. Structure, 2007. 15(7): p. 761-72.

2PXD (Variant 1)
2PXB (Variant 2)
2PXE (Variant 4)
2PXF (Variant 5)
2PXV (Variant 6)
2PXK (Variant 8)
2PXL (Variant 9)
2PXP (Variant 13)
2PXQ (Variant 14)
2PXT (Variant 15)
2PXU (Variant 16)

Crystal structure of the PSIV IGR IRES ribosome binding domain in the unbound form

Pfingsten, J.S., D.A. Costantino, and J.S. Kieft, Structural basis for ribosome recruitment and manipulation by a viral IRES RNA. Science, 2006. 314(5804): p. 1450-4.


Crystal structure of a four-way junction from the HCV IRES RNA

J. S. Kieft, K. Zhou, A. Grech, R. Jubin and J. A. Doudna, Crystal structure of an RNA tertiary domain essential to HCV IRES-mediated translation initiation. Nat Struct Biol, 2002. 9(5): p. 370-4.


NMR structure of the P5B stem-loop from a group I intron bound to cobalt hexamine

Kieft, J.S. and I. Tinoco, Jr., Solution structure of a metal-binding site in the major groove of RNA complexed with cobalt (III) hexammine. Structure, 1997. 5(5): p. 713-21.


Structures from our collaborators

CD147 Ig0 domain (E. Eisenmesser Lab, U.C. Denver)

3QR2 (wild-type)
3QQN (mutant)

Crystal structure of Schistosome eIF4E (R. Davis Lab, U.C. Denver)

3HXG (complexed with m7GpppG and 4E-BP)
3HXI (complexed with m7GpppA and 4E-BP)