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Jeffrey S. Kieft, Ph.D


Phone: (303) 724-3257
E-mail: Jeffrey.Kieft

​Recent Lab News

Updated January, 2019:

  • Friend of the Lab, Katie Mouzakis  has moved to Loyola Marymount. Good luck Katie!
  • Jeff is now on Twitter: @JeffreyKieft.
  • Maddie Sherlock joined the lab in August for her post-doctoral work. Maddie completed her Ph.D. in the lab of Ron Breaker at Yale University.
  • Steve Bonilla will be joining the lab in April for his post-doctoral work. Steve completed his Ph.D. in the lab of Dan Herschlag at Stanford University.
  • Evan Morrison will be conducting his thrid rotation in the lab starting at the end of February. 
  • Jeff will be giving talks at the University of Michigan, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Chicago, and Loyola Marymount University this spring.
  • Members of the lab will be hosting seminar speakers Michael Summers (UMBC) and Eric Westhof (Strasbourg) this spring.
  • New publications are out in Nature Communications, Molecular Cell, PNAS, MBio, and Nature Reviews.