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University of Colorado Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Curtis J. Henry, Ph.D.

Research Instructor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Immunology and Geriatrics



Lamar, South Carolina



Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
B.S. Molecular Biology & Chemistry Minor

Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Ph.D. Immunology


Aging is the most important prognostic factor associated with the development of many cancers including leukemias mediated by the oncogene Bcr-Abl.  My research focuses on understanding how aging-associated increases in inflammation reduce hematopoietic progenitor cell fitness and subsequently promote leukemogenesis mediated by Bcr-Abl, Ras, and Myc oncoproteins.  Findings from these studies will reveal how the expression of an oncogene can correct or circumvent aging-associated defects in hematopoietic progenitor cells leading to the evolution of cancer.



Link to Curtis' Publications